You will be spoiled for choices if you are up for some shopping. There are a variety of options available for shopping in Kuta ranging from small street vendors to luxurious upscale malls. One of the main examples will have to be the footpaths of Kuta’s Jalan Pantai. You can spend some time exploring the quaint little streets of Kuta which divides the area and just take in all the sights and capture the moments as you go. It can definitely make a good bunch of Instagram story.
Kuta is the most famous place for surfing as well and also a place to learn surfing. The place also holds a lot of fun things to do like waterslides, vertical bungee, water sports, etc. It is the paradise for backpackers as the cost of living is very low. A good choice of dining varieties is also available and the one which we highly recommend will have to be to have lunch in Warung Murah. It is one of the top local places where you get authentic Indonesian cuisine.
If you are caught up on a rainy day and want to do something fun, then go ahead to Upside Down World Bali. This place gives you a feeling that you have walked into some other universe which defies gravity. You could pose to different scenarios and get wacky pictures. For exploring the cultural side of North Kuta, visit Vihara Dharmayana which is also called as Leeng Gwan Kuta Temple or Kongco Bio Kuta Chinese Temple. It is a Buddhist temple which is over two centuries old and in here you can find intricate carvings and colourful murals and gardens fill with aromatic sticks of incense.
The ugly truth about Kuta is that the place can get pretty intense during the peak seasons. The vendor will try to lure you into buying stuff in any way possible so be aware! The traffic can also be congested adding into the drama. The markets are very hectic but you can always bargain but remember to be respectful also. It is also a common area where drugs are offered and the laws against drugs in Bali is strong so do not get caught up in the wrong hands.
As already mentioned, accommodation in Kuta is easy-peasy. A wide range of options is available to choose from according to your budget and comfort. Some of the quality hotels and resorts like The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, b Hotel Bali & Spa, etc., are some of the places with top ratings.
So go ahead and chill in Kuta indulging in the dramatic sunset and soaking in the beauty it exudes.