Foodies from all over the world plan for countless trips to various countries to taste varieties of dishes. If you want to taste different flavors and dishes under one hood, then plan a trip to India. Here’s a dare for all the foodies among you. Try reading the article below without letting your mouth water. Let’s go!

  • Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

It is a chain of South Indian restaurants with its outlets spread in and outside India that serve you with authentic finger-licking Tamil cuisine. It offers you a wide range of options like Pongal (Tamil variety of khichdi), idli, vada, Kesari halwa, different varieties of dosa, sambar, rasam, puliyodarai (tamarind rice), vatthaikozhambu, badampal (badam milk) and what not with optimized rates and quantities according to the meal of the day! You enter any Adyar Ananda Bhavan and will be instantly miffed by the pleasant aroma of hot filter coffee brewing and the essence of Tamil Nadu in its air. They serve your food on fresh banana leaves, in traditional portions and styles, which are certain to pump into the veins of any South Indian a blast of nostalgia and teach a thing or two to the North Indians about the customs here. If you dine here once, your taste buds will crave to find the nearest Adyar Bhavan every time.


 ⦁ Chingtsuong Restaurant, Nagaland


Finding a classical Naga eatery is extremely difficult even in a place like Kohima, because of the peculiar flavor & variety of the ingredients used. Belonging to the Ao tribe, the owner of the Chingtsuong restaurant in Kohima is proud of the authentic Naga food that they serve here -strong on the flavor and crazy spicy that will burn down the palate of most! Fermented meats, akhuni pork (pork cooked with long-fermented soya bean paste, kellu (woodworms), grasshoppers, hornet grubs, fermented fish with Naga king chilly (world’s hottest natural chilly), dog meat, sticky rice, fried frogs among other peculiar yet sumptuous delicacies. This bamboo shacked homely place, definitely isn’t for the delicate tongued. Besides the amazing Naga food, the owner is an affable, sweet man who will make sure to send you away with a lot of good stories. You can also enjoy this amazing food with different places to visit in Nagaland.

Rajdhani Thali, Pune


If you’re an ever-hungry foodie like me, this ‘all-you-can-eat’ pure vegetarian place which serves traditional Rajasthani and Gujarati thali, is just for you. On your arrival, they offer you 3 kinds of Panna, out of which you choose one. After which they start bringing in the food, lots of it! From khichdi, dal bati churma, gatte ki sabzi, shrikhand, aamras, it just keeps coming with no full stop! From getting your hands washed in your seat, to the smiling multicolor turban-clad waiters and the warm, kind hospitality here, I won’t be surprised if you forget you’re in Pune and not in Rajasthan.

Kesar-Da-Dhaba, Amritsar

Keasa Dabha

Throughout Punjab, there are umpteen dhabas bubbling, but the extremely popular and acclaimed Kesar da Dhaba in Townhall Amritsar is a class apart. The walk to this Dhaba, which is running since 1916 is through narrow lanes and the kitchen is the first thing you see. All the curries and food is displayed at the kitchen and the sweet sight of the food itself stimulates all your senses and awaken the hungry cave-man in you. The Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Baigan ka Bharta, Pindi Chana, Paneer Tikka, Dal Meat (which slow cooks in a pot for hours), Pakoda, Rogan Josh, Amritsari Macchi, Chicken Malai Tikka are must try mouth-savories of Kesar-da-Dhaba.

The Mughal’s Dastarkhwan, Lucknow


If you are an onlooker of lip-smacking Awadhi cuisine and happen to be in Lucknow, you will not be left disappointed if you visit any stall in Hazratganj. But the Mughal’s Dastarkhwan in Lal Bagh will make your mind go nuts. The ambiance is furnished to give you the vibe of an old city of Nawabs and the prompt staff with their excellent service will make you want to visit the place every time you come to Lucknow. Boasting of Mughlai, Lucknowi and North Indian cuisine, this is a paradise for non-vegetarians. Chicken Masala, Mutton Biryani, Bund Gosht, melt in mouth Tunde and galauti kebabs, Handi Chicken, Seekh kebabs, Chicken Tandoori, Shahi Tukda, Kheer will all make you revel in the glory of gluttony committed in all the right ways.

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