The name of the island means “deer” in Bahasa Indonesia and comes from the fact that this little island is full of majestic deer’s. Visitors can regularly spot these deer taking a bath at the secluded, sandy beaches of the island, this island as said has its name emerged from the island, this place is a wonderful sightseeing place for the explorers who visit the island to know about its secularities
In the tropical climate that is seen in the islands of Bali it is made sure that all the visitors would love to watch the deer’s that are usually found near the beaches , the island very well known for its diversity and its special features such as diving and snorkelling it also paves way to things such as sightseeing, the wild herd of deer’s are found swimming through the island every spring which was latterly noticed by the local population of the island
The place which actually serves as a very famous tourist attractions over the country seems to be the most beautiful one that is found among any other place, all the tourists who wander over the island make it a necessity that they watch the herds of deer’s pass by the waters in the island , it is still spontaneous that there are rare species of deer’s that are seen in the island
Menjangan Islands usually have the best sources for sightseeing one could ever look for into, this place usually handles a lot of tourist attractions because of its various explorations, It seems to be one of the best places for everyone to visit once in their lifetime