Just within the boundaries of Bali rests the Menjangan Island, an untouched and secluded region that is home to diverse marine life and deers. The literal meaning of Menjangan is ‘Deer Island’. Settled amidst the Bali Barat National Park which is also a marine reserve located off the northwest of Bali. The isolated location of the island has helped in the preservation of a beautiful and unspoiled marine landscape which is a popular place for the divers and snorkelers. The easiest and the most convenient way to reach Menjangan island is by taking a boat from Labuhan Lalang, a port located in Northern Bali. It takes 30 minutes to reach the island riding a boat. For traveling around the island, the traveler needs a park guide which the tour operator can manage to arrange for the people.

Spread across an area of 19,000 hectares, the West Bali National Park is home to a massive number of flora and fauna. The Menjangan island covers only a small part of the park but still, it is popularly known for its diversity of Marine life and optimal diving spots. One can indulge in a guided island tour of 1 hour and 15 minutes and enjoy the rare sightings of various species including the rare Rusa Deer. The first sight as you land at the Menjangan island is its pristine beach covered with white sand which complements the crystal clear water of the sea. Before heading out to explore the island, sit back and relax at the Menjangan Beach because there are rare chances in life to soak the sun while being surrounded by deers.

A trip to Menjangan island is incomplete without experiencing snorkeling which is the most popular activity for the tourists. Secluded from all the chaos, tourists rush here to witness the beauty of Indonesian marine life. As the island has remained uninhabited for a long time, the water has some spectacular coral reefs and marine animals that are well-preserved for a long time. This island has seven exotic diving sites off the coast of the island which offers a magnificent view

The Menjangan Island has all its way through the marine life and the forests that would diversify the visitors and impress them with all the possible ways that one could, the adventure will  definitely help people identify more adventurous places