Pucuk Waterfall is located on the private grounds of the Gardens. After you pay the entrance fee of $5 at reception you will be escorted to the waterfall, only a ten-minute walk. What awaits you at the bottom is a treat! Between rocky walls covered by hanging gardens, Pucuk waterfall rushes down into a lovely round pool. Kids will get the right to explore the pool and stream.
The water which seems to be cool and flowing makes it one of the best waterfalls in Bali, apart from that the factor that sets it different from the other waterfalls is the cliff jumping, even though there are other waterfalls which amaze the tourists with cliff jumping, the pucak waterfall has its own significance , it has the highest cliff of 16m which is considered the highest among the others
Everyone who visits the Pucuk waterfalls will go for the cliff jumping experience , the mornings are usually the best times for cliff umping as it gets crowded by time , children and adults enjoy climbing rocks and playing in the massive split of water that accounts from the falls , the waterfalls which are deepened by the rain forests have a very cool climate that makes the visit even more beautiful , the waters are cool and are a perfect place for swimming
The rocks and the cliffs remain a massive piece of art by nature which stands tall astonishing everybody through the falls and the cliff jumping adventure which definitely seems to be game of adrenaline rush to many of the visitors who enjoy the view of the pucuk waterfalls
The cliffs are high and are jumped only under the allowance and guidance of the tour guides who would help the visitors find the perfect spot to jump and play in the water that keeps falling flawlessly through the pucuk falls , the water spread into a massive water body which provides a lot of places to swim and play in the falls , the pucuk waterfalls is mainly known for its artistic cliff jumping, while other cliffs are around 10 -12m this cliff is 16m and is definitely an adventurous place for all the adventure lovers, because of its beauty and the adventure this place is gaining more popularity among the other places in Bali