Kembar means twin in Balinese and the fall lives up to its name as two flows are mixing together in a tranquil basin. This one is popular among adventurers, as Kembar waterfall is best known for cliff jumping, Cast your eyes around the surrounding scenic views and appreciate the harmony and tranquillity of the entire view the waterfalls offer to anyone who visits, The scenic view of the waterfalls is something everyone would love
The Kembar waterfalls is soundly known for its adventure called the cliff jumping , this usually carries out a tour where explorers with the help of guides find places to put their adventuress skills into, considering the tourists the guides take them to the Kembar Waterfalls , this waterfall has a cliff that doesn’t seem to be very tall but there are different heights from which people could jump off and explore the water
The 10m high cliff which is used for cliff jumping is the main attractions of this waterfall, covering a distance of 10m this place seems to cover most of the crowd throughout the year
This waterfall falls from a steep cliff and surrounded by high cliffs with green trees. From the top of the cliff, pouring water and broke in two, forming two waterfalls with different water discharge , this waterfall usually claims to be one among the best in the northern parts of Bali because of its adventure mainly the cliff jumping , people who usually visit this waterfalls try this and explore various things that are usually retained in the shades of the forests and the waterfalls, covering the waterfalls with the beautiful secret garden it seems to be a beautiful insight for everyone who visits the place