A paradise for adrenaline junkies, Kroya Waterfall is located within the Sambangan Secret Garden in the northern jungles of Bali. Surrounded by vibrant green vegetation, the fall’s crystal white water plummets down a 12-meter rock face into a deep pool of iridescent blue water. It’s an impressive sight and arguably one of Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls. Adding to its utopian qualities, the waterfall is also nature’s version of a thrill-inducing water park. Kroya Waterfall is unique because the water pours down a smooth crevice, forming a natural water slide. While the thought of sliding down the 12-meter waterfall might seem a little crazy when you first arrive, it’s actually incredibly safe and, more importantly, extremely exhilarating.
As it is located near the Aling Aling waterfalls , now in the recent times the Kroya waterfalls has grabbed all the attention of the explorers , this place seems to be the best one for trekking and down there is the magical view something that seems to grab the attention of all visitors, mainly the adventure of sliding into the water through the natural rocks has attained the most popularity
Before braving the slide, you’ll be able to get your adrenaline going by leaping five meters into the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. After enjoying a refreshing swim, you’ll then make your way to the top of the waterfall with your guide. They will provide you with a life jacket and position you correctly to ensure you slide down safely. The first slide is a bit of a shock to the system, so recommend going again would help to fully enjoy and appreciate the experience, visiting this place as early as possible would be a better idea as it gets crowded by 10 am, as this waterfall does not have any artificial slide , it usually slides on the rocks which makes it even more adventurous, no being the biggest it is only 12 metres but it really seems to be fun-filled place to spend time
The sliding is the most adventurous of all for which all the people come here , this waterfall also has a pool which allows you to swim , people directly go for the slide and then fall into the pool so that they can enjoy the entire experience throughout their journey in the kroya waterfalls, surrounded by a lot of beautiful gardens this place actually seems to be the most beautiful of all time, pleasing everyone with its beauty and the adventure this place seems to be one of the most remarkable places at Bali