Gitgit Waterfall is one of Bali’s most popular, located only a 10km drive south of North Bali’s main town of Singaraja, or an 80km drive north from Kuta. The falls are easily accessible from the main road connecting Bedugul and Singaraja and are usually included as a natural landmark stopover on tour itineraries to Lovina Beach and the island’s northern region. It also provides a relatively easy trek, with a wooden boardwalk over a small gorge and cool streams. Moving its way all through the northern parts of Bali this waterfall has its own significance among the others,

Upon reaching the base after the few minutes walking down into the lush ravine, you can instantly enjoy the spectacle of the 40m cascade that constantly pours into a rocky pool with a small shrine that guards the site. Nestled among lush green trees and clove plantations, the splendid Gitgit waterfall in Bali is located in Gitgit village Tourists are allowed to enjoy a cool plunge in the pool. The falls are also referred to by the locals as the ‘twin falls’ or Air Terjun Kembar Gitgit, due to its flow that is often split into two equal streams. Tickets are less than a dollar (only IDR 5,000) per person which makes it easily accessible for the other tourists in the country,

There is no perfect time to visit the Gitgit Waterfall since it has considerable water flow throughout the year. However, to see the waterfall when it’s most impressive and the strongest, visit it during Bali’s rainiest months, i.e., from November to March.
The waterfall is open from 7 am and the best time to visit the waterfall during the day is before 10 in the morning. It is because the waterfall gets busy and crowded later in the day , as the water flows all throughout the year the number of tourists exploring this place gets increased day by day , this waterfall is mostly attracted by the tourists because of its beauty an the place is a great sight to behold , explorers often take pictures that cover the eternal beauty of the GitGit falls and hence it serves as an amazing picturesque, the following  bath in the pool will set you to feel fresh all throughout the day, people swim to the intensity of the falls or take a dip in the falls, however, these outstanding falls keep you fresh and excited