The Aling Aling waterfall which is located at the Jl. Raya Desa Sambangan, Sambangan, Sukasada, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali seems  to be one of the most attracted places in the city, unlike any other waterfalls it is a little more exaggerated with the adventure it is filled with , Entrance just to view the waterfalls but not to swim and jump is only 10,000 rupiah or $1 USD. There are guides that are usually available to keep you safe at the place but then people prefer to take the look alone, considering all the way down the hill the place is not only something that would seem to be a waterfall, the waterfall is down at the bottom and anyone there could take a little stairs to reach the bottom of it

It’s only a short walk and you are passing through vines and walls that appear to be weeping through the rocks as water trickles down. It’s a real jungle feel without having to venture off the beaten path, which is actually what a lot of people are looking for!

Aling Aling is a massive, booming fall of approximately 90-feet. This waterfall has special meaning to the locals of the area and is deemed sacred. For that reason alone there is no swimming in this waterfall. A short staircase leads down to a little deck. It's super slippery, as the waterfall seems to be the one that sets the adventure trip more into the section , the waterfall even though not allowed to swim, it is worth the short walk from Kroya waterfall just to see where the foundations that surround secret garden Bali stem from.

There’s a deck that finishes the trail and makes for a great photo spot although prepare to get a little wet from the backlash of Aling Aling. The waterfall itself seems to be a natural wonder and a pretty impressive one for anyone who visits it, the villages surrounded by the aling aling waterfalls consider it to be sacred, however, this waterfall has its own identity and the best tourist attractions amidst the other places in the city 

This place seems to be filled with people all the time and with a little higher population during the times of vacations, this place is mainly the tourist attraction and people who love adventure tend to visit the aling aling waterfalls