The Lovina Beach which itself describes as most calm and the peaceful beach for anyone who is trying to escape the normal satire of vibrant place, this seems to be the right choice , Unlike other white-sand beaches on Bali, Lovina beach is of grey and black volcanic sand , Lovina also features incredible underwater life to plunge in for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling. But, the main attraction here is the bottle-nosed dolphins (Tursiops truncates)n who have made this coast their playground. Dolphins normally appear early in the morning just when the first rays of the sunrise on the horizon. These incredibly smart creatures will come and swim near boats and cavort around creating a truly fascinating spectacle of nature. This amazing attraction can be viewed from traditional boats called “Jukung” that are offered by many operators or individuals on shore.

The name Lovina itself is said to be derived from the word “Love” and “Ina” which is Balinese for "mother". Therefore, Lovina means Love for the Motherland or the country. The name Lovina was once banned from being used here since it was considered alien, so that tourist businesses in the area used alternative names such as Manggala, Krishna, Angsoka, or Nirwana.

The Lovina Beach which is situated between the Bedugal Mountain Range and the Bali Sea has its own insights that make everyone fall in love with the coast, this tropical island gem which is surrounded by various attractions such as dolphin watching, trekking, and diving, the Lovina beach is usually described as a lonely planet because one can experience most of the peacefulness in this beach

Lovina is sun-drenched, with patches of shade from palm trees. A highlight every afternoon at fishing villages such as Anturan is watching prahu (traditional outrigger canoes) being prepared for the night's fishing; as sunset reddens the sky, the lights of the fishing boats appear as bright dots across the horizon.

The Lovina tourist area stretches over 8km and consists of a string of coastal villages – Kaliasem, Kalibukbuk, Anturan, and Tukad Mungga – collectively known as Lovina.


Surrounded by a lot of different attractions the tourism still runs in favor of Lovina beach because of the undemolished silence it holds, transforming the vibrant city into a completely different atmosphere with its white sand and waves that entangle the beach this attraction is the best for relaxation of the people , The waves are calm, the beach thin and overamped attractions nil.