Dolphin watching tours at Lovina Beach remain one of the main nature attractions of this quiet and laidback coastal town in North Bali. What this black sand beach lacks in features when compared to the beaches around the island’s south, it makes up for with its frequent sightings of dolphin pods that favor these calm waters, as the fishermen set early during the sunrises into the bay the dolphins also visit them. Meanwhile, in the overtime, it has become a routine 

There is always a kinship that remained between the humans and the dolphins , taking all of it into consideration the Lovina dolphin watching seems to be the best place where it could be maintained for, attracting a lot of tourists into this calm and significant place where the way beaches remain calm and sometimes wild it has always been a calm and adventure trip for all the explorers, Occasionally, the cetaceans would breach the surface to check out on the action above. Fishermen now regularly take visitors for a dolphin watching ride to see their aquatic friends from up closer.

Tickets vary, ranging from USD 14.50 (IDR 200,000) and USD 18 (IDR 250,000) per person, but mostly depending on the number of participants per trip (to cover fuel expenses, and sometimes chum or regular fish food for fun feeding). A boat seats up to five or six. 

A typical morning starts off the coast usually at 5:30 am, depending upon the various factors the time limit may exceed, Life vests included, you board and set out in the bay just before the sun rises. The boats are all motorized, usually getting you far out within minutes. At sea, the engine is stopped and the waiting game begins. At times, breaching dolphins can be seen immediately right as your boat reaches the open waters.
You can glimpse several different species of dolphins, but most frequent are the dark-skinned spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) which visit Lovina’s bay all year round. A dolphin watching tour at Lovina Beach usually lasts up to half an hour. Back at the shore, be ready to be confronted by friendly peddlers offering woodcarvings and whatnot. 

 Hundreds of dolphins can be seen in the morning time around 1 km offshore. We can see the dolphin attractions in this place like jumping , this place usually uses the traditional method of fishermen with motor engine boats visiting the dolphins , this place is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country, with a lot of tourists from different parts of the country this seems to be the most funfilled and adventurous of all times , everyone is pleased and satisfied by the plight of the dolphins anywhere near the boats , the Dolphins have now become the regular visitors who never fail to show up every morning and entertain the tourists that are eagerly waiting around to plot them