Nungnung Waterfall is located in the high mountains of Bali in the northern region. It is approximately 40kms from Denpasar with a trip time of 1.5 hours or a 1-hour drive from Ubud. As you approach the village of Nungnung you will trace the road via hilly rice fields and coconut palm plantations. The hike down to Nungnung Waterfall takes approximately 20 minutes. The track is clear and you will also have to attack a steep set of concrete stairs that are approximately 500 in number, Nungnung waterfall is popular and famous for its beauty among international tourists first. Compare to other Nungnung Waterfall is not too crowded. Indulge the eyes with amazing views as tourists drive into the Nungnung waterfall. Rice paddy fields of Tegalalang and beautiful green valleys are waving on the side of the road. This waterfall is hiding beyond the infamous Jembatan Tukad Bangkung. One hour and a half drive to the waterfall will feel like a breeze to travelers.  Fall from 50 meters high. Nungnung waterfall offers a cool pool water sensation. It sending a strong shocking vibe to the body after walking down to 500 stairs. The sighting of a bamboo bridge near the pool adds up to the natural environment. Making it hard to resist not to take pictures of the magnificent view. Amidst the stunning and diverse floras. The mystical charm of Nungnung waterfall is something not to be missed. A picture of crystal-clear cascade and charming greenery are the best kind of souvenir

Nungnung Waterfall is quite possibly the strongest waterfall one could have ever seen, nestled in a thick jungle,  the powerful torrent formed a misty cloud against the lush green backdrop, and it is the moment to be awestruck , the falls which are fully covered with thick forests where Bali itself seems to be a jungle, an early drive would be great and super scenic! We could clearly see the volcanoes with beautiful sunshine! You might also discover Bali rice terraces on the way there

The morning view which explicitly attracts all of the tourists showers the best water, with a swimmable pool that is located at the end of the steps the waterfall is really a mystic beauty, not going so much attention the locals and the food which are available there seems to be pretty delicious, the waterfall with a powerful sting of water which can be felt even before anyone reaches the place somewhere near the destination, summers are likely to welcome more tourists as the view and the scenic is more beautiful, during rains the view still remains beautiful but the roads seem too slippery and climbing down the stairs definitely becomes a task, in spite of all the powerfulness of the water and the sometimes unfavorable climate still gives tourists the best possible view and the coldness  of the stunning waterfalls