The leke leke waterfall which is located at the antapan, baturiti, Tabanan regency Bali is one of the most undercovered places in Bali, The Balinese meaning for leke-leke is ‘hideaway’. And hideaway was exactly what we get, a gorgeous hidden gem amongst the jungle. Considering the month of  August, (which is one of Bali’s busiest months) it was the first waterfall to be visited and  in spite of its stunning sights that adore everyone with its untamed and untangled beauty has now become one of the most desirable places to be visited at Bali , calling it the hidden gem of the north it remained under the sights of anyone who visited the other lakes around Bali, bringing its stunning beauty to nice this place now has a lot of visitors, From the highway visitors will be directed to a smaller road. To get to this waterfall, visitors must pass through a path of about three kilometers between the surrounding corn plantations. Because passing through the plantation visitors can casually enjoy the atmosphere of the plantation with many shady trees and resident plantations.

Uniquely, the visitors must cross the river using bamboo bridges that were built independently by the local community. 

The entrance to Leke Leke waterfall is very easy to see from the road and there is a small Bali hut style roof with a sign reading ‘Leke Leke’. Follow the steps down to the ticket office and the cost is 30,000 Rupiah per person. This small fee helps them to maintain the trail and bamboo bridges.

There is a small restaurant at the top to purchase water or snacks before you make the trek down to the waterfall. This is also a great spot to chill before and after the adventure with amazing views of the jungle below.

The trail down to Leke Leke waterfall is well maintained with steps cut into the land and cleared paths. There are also bamboo bridge structures over the river crossings which make for great photo opportunities. The hike into the waterfall is an easy to moderate hike that takes approx 15 minutes, In addition to the name Leke-leke, this waterfall is also named after the community with a "Kipu Kebo" waterfall or a wall of buffalo. The debit of the waterfall is not too big. The water fell directly into a rather large puddle-like place. Waterfall leke-leke has green color Tosca. But if the rainy season the color of the water will turn brown.

Some of the activities that can be done in this waterfall are soaking, swimming and also taking pictures with the background of a waterfall with a height of approximately 10 meters flanked by rock cliffs with creeping trees that are thickened. For a place to relax, the locals make several bamboo seating so that tourists can sit back while looking at the view of the waterfall. The way towards the waterfall seems to be pleasant and covered with plantations, anyone who loves adventure can be drawn toward this place because of its beauty, this place remains calm, pleasant and in solitude