The Ulun Danu Temple is situated in the area of Lake Bratan, Bedugul. The distance traveled from Handara Golf & Resort is 4km and takes 10 minutes to reach.

It is believed by the Balinese that the temple embodies the meaning of universal balance. Besakih Temple is where the Balinese would worship their almighty for strength for the soul of the people in order to achieve spiritual satisfaction. At Uluan Danu Temple, prayers are conducted to strengthen prosperity. Rebuilt in 1926, the Ulun Danu Temple is dedicated to the goddess of lakes and rivers, Dewi Batari Ulun Danu.

Besides its unique location, the temple’s architecture is unique with the characteristics of Balinese architecture. The shrine built from wood and shaped like a pagoda, with 11 levels roof. The beauty of temple architecture also united with the hills background scenery, as well as the natural lake that surrounds the temple area. The stunningly clear lake is calm and almost perfectly still, save for the soft breeze that occasionally sweeps across, creating tiny ripples upon its surface. A thin mist rises from the lake and hangs in the air, surrounding the temple, giving it a somewhat surreal appearance. The Pura Ulun Danu Bratan complex consists of four sacred buildings to devoted to the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Entering the temple gates, instantly noticeable are the typical Balinese architectural features and the tiered shrines.

Inside the complex, the three main shrines are dedicated to the worship of god Vishnu which boasts 11 tiers, god Brahma with seven 7 tiers and Shiva with three tiers. There is manicured gardens of the complex, to your right you’ll see a magnificent banyan tree, and to your left, seemingly out-of-place in this predominantly Hindu complex, a Buddhist stupa. The most photographed part of the temple, the 11-tiered and three-tiered meru atop a small island reflected in the lake, can be seen as you pass the candi bentar (split gate) to the lake’s edge. Amid the beautiful flowers and tropical foliage, the surrounding gardens are punctuated with kitsch animal and plant cement statues including lions, owls, corncobs and fish, and a rather too-small fenced compound contain a couple of barking deer.

Along with garish paddle ducks and speedboats whizzing past, the otherwise beautiful and peaceful spot has a bit of a local funfair atmosphere, seemingly at odds with its spiritual significance. It  seems to be a typical temple that would flatter anyone with unimaginable sights and peace