Situated in the western region of Thailand, it is the most accessible place in Bangkok. It is just a three-hour journey by van and is accessible by bus, van, or motorbike as it is just 50 km away from Kanchanaburi.
The place is surrounded by rainforests and mountains which makes it a cool place to hang out all around the year. To reach the waterfalls, you must tread a difficult yet scenic path and there are limestone caves (Wang Badan) located in the west of the park with lots of colorful stalagmites and stalactites inside. Always remember to pack your swimwear as there are several natural swimming pools in different sections of the waterfall. It takes around 1 hour to complete the seven levels of the waterfall and it is worth the strenuous walk.
The first layer which is called Lhai Keun Lung is not much of a happening place as it is pretty crowded with people and it is kind of a picnic spot as people come here with the packed food and enjoy their grilled chicken or sticky rice. There are several stalls as well in layer one at a reasonable cost as food is not allowed beyond level one.
The second layer Wang Matcha is the usual spot for swimmers as its the perfect place for that relaxing swim. There are small caves under the cascades and you have to pay a small amount to the security there to carry plastic water bottles into the second layer as they are very particular against polluting the area. This area is also quite crowded but as you tread onto the third layer Pha Nam Tok the crowd often lessens as they are satisfied with having their picnic at lower levels.
If you are into some serious hiking then the fourth (Oke Nang Passau) and fifth (Buea Mai Long) tiers are the most suggested levels and which is very beautiful. It is a great place to rest for a while too if you get tired from the hike.
The sixth and seventh layers are the most beautiful places but you will be unable to swim in these levels but can enjoy the stunning view these layers offer. But swimming is not prohibited here and one can still do it and be careful because the pools are deeper and have water all around the year while the other levels tend to dry up during hot seasons.
The color of the water in these layers can be seen as cloudy emerald green color. The calcium carbonate in the limestone rocks is dissolved while the water runs through the falls. You can also enjoy the natural fish spa as the fish hiding underwater will come up and nibble at your feet and eat off those dead skin making your feet soft and supple and it's quite an odd sensation. At the top level, you will find a tall stream poring over the rocks which represents the three-headed Elephant in the Hindu mythology God called Erawan and therefore the name of the waterfall.