During most time of the year, Kathu waterfall might seem dry resembling a small trickle. As many of us imagine, it is not hundreds of feet of water freefalling directly into a large pool with a clattering noise. It is only during the monsoon season can its beauty be perfectly experienced. If you visit the spot during this time, you will see that it is actually a series of drop pools that are replenished with rainwater.

If you are coming from Patong, turn left at the traffic lights near the Caltex Gas station on Route 4020. After continuing for one kilometer, a black marble sign showing the waterfall can be found. From there, turn left to the ‘Thanon Namtokkathu' Kathu Waterfall, Street. As mentioned earlier, the monsoon season is the best time to visit Kathu waterfall especially the months from June to November. However, it is advised not to mount to the top when it is actually raining as the path can get slippery and thus dangerous.

The waterfall is divided into two areas. The left part of the waterfall is basically a stream of water with the not-so-violent flow of water perfect for kids to play. The first level of the waterfall is mesmerizing during the rainy season with a slow steady flow of water flowing over the rocks and into a large sandy pool. The second level is accessible through a concrete path and teenagers love to hang out in this natural lush green setting.

There is a large pool right at the top of the waterfall where you can take a dip but it is important to remember that it is a hard climb to the top. The path starts from the right side of the waterfall near the parking and past a small bridge. Fortunately, there are stairways at many points on the way and it is shaded so you can take a stop to rest or cool off in the ‘drop pools’ that are scattered all over the place. There are many stalls and shops at the bottom that sells snacks and water. If you are planning on taking the climb, you will definitely need lots of drinking water.

What makes Kathu waterfall peculiar is that it can be a relaxing or an adventurous experience depending upon the path you choose to take. For those coming with family or children, it is preferable to walk halfway up and spend a great deal of time one of the drop pools. But for youngsters with a zesty spirit, the thrilling hike to the top can be a venturesome escapade. The waterfall also has some nearby attractions like Palazzo and Flying Hanuman. Palazzo is a dinner show while Flying Hanuman lets you zip through the small forest like a flying fox.