Want to do some Bali beachin’?
But minus the flock of tourists?

North Bali might then just be a perfect choice. Secluded and much quieter, North Bali is off the beaten path and much more relaxing and filled with interesting places such as Lovina, Seririt, Singaraja, Gitgit, Banjar and many more.

Singaraja was the former Dutch colonial capital of the Bali Island. History is still captive in the large gardens, old houses and the wide streets of this city. The black beach of Lovina was named so for the very purpose of tourism in the fifties.

While the southern part of Bali has now been invaded by the boom of tourism, North Bali has successfully maintained the unique culture and serenity of the islands. It has its charms weaved into the carvings of the temples, waters of the falls and all the old world architecture around the region.

North Bali, consisting mainly of the district of Buleleng, is sheltered by the mountains dividing it into east and west. Be it beaches, treks to waterfalls, hot springs or golfing around an extinct volcano, North Bali has stunning escapades and is a grand place for your unique Bali experience.

The drive to North Bali areas from Ngurah Rai International Airport (Denpasar) will take about 2 to 3 hours. Pre-paid fixed price taxis are available and are supposed to save a lot of hassle. There are buses available to Lovina from everywhere and thus can easily be reached. To get around for your daily spot visits, it would be a better option to hire a car with a driver. You can also rent a car without a driver or rent a motorcycle but it’s better to get a driver as the roads are really winding and there might also be traffic rules that you aren’t aware of. Minibuses are also available but this option will increase your travel time but also the value of the trip as you might get to interact with the locals as well as other travellers.

Things to do in and around North Bali:

Lovina is made up of seven villages around the string of north coast and was collectively nurtured for tourism. However, this wonder of black sand beach is neither loud nor overcrowded and you can easily sneak in with your family for a relaxed holiday. For the adventure seeker, diving on coral reefs, snorkelling and fishing like activities are available. Other than these, the main highlight of staying in Lovina is the boat ride with the local villagers or fishermen during sunrise to watch dolphins gracing the waters.

Centuries-old hot springs of Air Panas Banjar are widely known for its sacred and holy water that provides a therapeutic experience due to the sulfur content in its water. The hot spring bath areas are located in a beautiful tropical garden and the experience is truly magical as the water comes out of eight dragon spouts.

The north Bali region is covered in active as well as dormant volcanoes and treks up to such wonderful spots is another highlight of visiting North Bali.

There are innumerable waterfalls hidden in the laps of this other side of Bali and a low key atmosphere will enrich your experience for sure.

Hiking through the paddy fields, or relaxing in one of the coastal villages, or golfing in an extinct volcano… you name it and North Bali will definitely spew something up.

Lovina’s night market is popular for fresh and cheap local food and the beach markets along the coast of Lovina are equally well known and are open day and night. Singaraja’s Pasar Anyar Market is that famous traditional market and then for some modern shoppers, you have Hardy’s Mall. There are several farmers’ markets all over North Bali and all of them are loaded with fresh produce and kindness.

From simple accommodations to posh villa retreats, and from boutique hotels to luxury resorts, you can choose your stay as per your budget and mood of vacation. One and all are available at pretty affordable rates.

The nightlife in North Bali might be as laid back as the daily life and you might not find loud music but rather soft and live music will find you. Instead of posh and packed bars, you’ll find chill-out spots and beach bars. To add to an even distinct experience, you might stumble upon a cultural night comprising of traditional dance performances. Or you can just lie low on the beaches with a beer in hand and watch the waves dance to the moonbeams singing and the stars adding sparkle.

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