One of the most stunning, wonders of our world, Thailand, an archipelago of hundreds of islands is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. The unfathomable country provides with its visitor the perfect kind of relaxation and serenity that one can expect from these ocean surrounding stretches. The most amazing thing about Thailand is that it has everything for everyone. You can either choose to relax on the beautiful beaches that are completely untouched by civilization and enjoy the peace out there or go to a bustling city like Bangkok and experience the night markets, the party hotspots and have a truly urban experience.
One such truly amazing destinations in the ‘Land of Smiles’ is Krabi. Krabi, located on southern Thailand’s west coast, is a province characterized by memorizing limestone cliffs, dense mangrove forests, and numerous islands. Some of the most charming islands surrounding the town are the Phi Phi Islands, which jut from the sea like giant rainforested boulders, and Railay Beach, accessible only by boat and a prominent rock-climbing spot.
Krabi has many cliffs and caves where ancient color paintings, stone tools, beads, pottery, and skeletal remains have been found. It is believed that Krabi was home to the early human of 25,000 to 35,000 B.C.
Krabi is the most relaxing island in Thailand and is a fast becoming tourist destination in Thailand. The white sand beaches surrounding it for miles and the dense forests make the place seem like heaven on earth. Krabi is famous for it’s – beaches, islands and the night market. Yes! The Krabi night market is amongst the most famous night markets in the world.
The Krabi Pier night market or the Chao Fa night market is a must see in the town. The market is held every single day by the vendors. It starts at 5 pm in the evening, which is the perfect time for the people to dine in or enjoy a comfortable walk throughout the markets. It lasts till 10 pm.
Tourists can get to Krabi by simply hiring a bus from Phuket that will cost around 5 dollars or you can take a ferry from Phuket which will take around 90 minutes. Tourists are advised not to take taxis as it is very expensive. The market is located on Chao Fa pier, Konga Ka Road, Krabi town.
The night market is held in a 1,400 ft long parking lot which has almost 70 stalls arranged haphazardously throughout the market. It is divided into two sections one is the food section and the other is the souvenirs and clothing section.
The food section has about 30 stalls selling traditional Thai street food, Chinese, Indian and Muslim cuisine and at a really cheap rate, although the seafood is a bit more expensive. You can enjoy your food on the plastic chairs and tables arranged chaotically throughout the market. One of the best food items here are the spring rolls and the coconut ice-cream. You can enjoy the street food with the bustling breeze coming from the Andaman Sea. Although beware of the mosquitoes in this area and make sure to bring a repellent with you for your own safety.