Mai Khao Beach is located on the coast side of the northwest of Phuket, Thailand. It is an 11 km-long straight beach that is still undeveloped due to being part of Sirinat National Park. The only must see things alongside this beach are the JW Mariott Phuket Resort and also Phuket International Airport that is situated near Nai Yang Beach. The most attractive thing while visiting this wonderful beach is that it allows the visitor to see Planespotting i.e., the airplane lands to the airport and visitors can experience it very nearby as it lands via this beach only.
The sand of Mai Khao Beach also known as “white wood” is undoubtedly the coarsest sand in whole Phuket, but also practically deserted a lot of time, clearing it to walk for kilometers without even seeing any other single person. In the month of May to November it is dangerous to visit here as a short distance out in the water, there is a sharp drop off into the Andaman Sea which is very nearby to this beach.
Phuket, being the city of island and beaches usually attracts visitors from other countries due to its exceptional joyful climate. Mai Khao was previously isolated from other areas but now it is not the case. The opening of Splash Jungle Waterpark attracts children and other people and this waterfall opening led to Mai Khao is a must-see destination especially for families and young kids.
This is a fabulous beach to relax. As it is a Marine National Park, no commercial activity is allowed here on the beach, and it is absolutely clean with pristine sand. You often see baby crabs crawling out of the sand and getting into the water. It’s a great place to walk or run. The tourists try to pose for photos with the airplanes flying over their head and that is why it is known as The Planespotting Beach. If we compare it to other beaches in Phuket, Mai Khao beach is undoubtedly the longest beach in Phuket.
Mai Khao Beach starts at Sirinath National Park, right where Nai Yang Beach ends. The favorite spot is to go watch the planes landing at the very end of the runway of Phuket Airport.
There is a temple in Mai Khao which is known as Wat Mai Khao temple which many visitors can’t see for the fact that it is hidden from the visitors. It is a temple which grasps some treasure inside it i.e., it contains a small bird sanctuary hidden behind the temple in the park.
During Songkran festival which occurs only once in a year in Mai Khao beach, it is a ritual of releasing baby turtles and you might be lucky to witness it with your own eye if you would have been there in the future. Shopping at turtle beach village is the primary thing here. Mai Khao is not suitable for shopping as it is being underdeveloped but it is one of the most attractive places on earth and those who want to enjoy the climatic experience and natural wildlife, Mai Khao is the best place to visit without any doubt. The best time to visit this place is in January as from May to November, the Andaman sea rises and led visitors not to enjoy fully.