Crystal Bay- One of The Best Diving And Snorkeling Sites Of Nusa Penida
Crystal Bay famous for diving and snorkeling lies on the west coast of the Nusa Penida Island. It’s a secluded place but with developed roads and Infrastructure it’s the most intriguing place for the divers and nature lovers. During low tides, it is easy to swim there and enjoy the shore. The water here with a bluish hue is so vivid that it’s the best place for diving and watching the marine beauty. And if fortunate you can even find mysterious mola-mola or sunfish and Manta- rays.
At the sandy beach, you’ll see many vendors selling cold beer, water, drinks, and coconut water.
Also, you will find warungs or small shops on the beach with scrumptious snacks to have while enjoying on the beach. And you will also see some parasol-shaded good-looking sunbeds on the beach to have fun and relax there. For the Divers, midyear is the best time to visit this wonderful place because of the many beautiful species migrating at that time of the year. The Crystal Bay is located in the Sakti Village, West Coast of Nusa Penida Island. Near the Bay, You can also visit a popular temple, Pura Segara Penida which is a symbol of balance between negative and positive energy in life.
The people around this place are friendly. Also, you will see some beautiful small huts which offer good food there the tuna fish with peanut sauce is a must-have dish from a warung. It’s a bit crowded place but you really enjoy the sunset there. You can easily swim and snorkel here because the tides are not very high and watch myriad of fish and turtles there.
To reach there you can also go by scooter because roads are good and take around 30 minutes to reach the bay from the island. You will need around 1 hour to explore this beautiful bay. You will be clicking a lot of the pictures there because the place is super scenic. The bay is surrounded by hilltops and fringed with stunning coral reefs which looks marvelous. There is no entrance fee on the Crystal Bay however 5000 IDR is the parking fee. If you love to snorkel there you can rent the equipment for 100,000 IDR to 150,000 IDR in cash. Yes, the vendors there are not interested in E-cash. So be prepared with the cash before visiting there.
The best time to visit this Bay would be of course from July to October when the probability of seeing mola-mola oceanic sunfish, dolphins, Manta-rays, turtles and Reef Sharks. But to see these astonishing creatures you have to dive in up to 30 meters deep in the water. So this time of the year is the most favorable time to be here. Some popular tourist attractions near Crystal Bay includes Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong.
Some good and affordable places to stay overnight near Crystal Beach includes Crystal Bay Villa & Residence, Crystal Bay Pool View Bungalow, and Penida Crystal Bay Bungalow all have good ambiance and facilities in lowest prices possible you can select any one of these options gamut Bay is just about 8 km away from these hotels.
A place like Crystal Bay on Nusa Penida is superb to visit during vacations. It has everything from Blue-water, Sandy Beach, nearby affordable options to stay overnight, awesome scenic Beauty, and scrumptious dishes served by some warungs on the Beach. For diving and snorkeling, it is one of the best sites on Nusa Island to introduce yourself with the marine life. Crystal Bay is a beautiful place to visit during the July to October session and create life-long memories with your family and friends.