Cantik Agriculture is a small cooperative of local farmers in Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia. The area is very fertile and suitable for planting coffee trees and various spices. They harvest the coffee fruit traditionally and provide visitors with free coffee and tea tester and information about coffee.

The place is clean and well taken care of. Plus, there is no entrance fee and, they give a tour guide at the start which explains everything, including the different plants around the plantation and the process of how Luwak coffee is made.

Cantik coffee plantation lets the visitors witness not only coffee plants but how they are processed. The new method adopted by them to choose good beans before roasting by using toddy cats is another remarkable factor.

They have cocoa plants at the plantation and one can see these plants in different ripening stages displaying green pods of unready fruit and red pods when they are ready for further processing.

They also have some tea plantation, but they don't harvest tea leaves. They have different fruits and spices from which they extract the tea. These teas have a nice fragrance and color.
There are free taste-test of 12 different drinks including coffee and tea both, out of which you are asked to choose one of your likings. You can enjoy them while they're hot.

The unique process that has recently become a worldwide sensation is there another specialty. This is done by using toddy cats and the whole process goes like this -

In step one feeding raw coffee beans to the Asian Palm Civet/ Toddy cats is done.
The toddy cat is given a variety of coffee beans and they pick out the best of them all and consume it. Then they are extracted from them which is known as the de-shelling or pooping process.

The second step is roasting the coffee beans.
After de-shelling, the beans are then manually roasted. They roast it cautiously to prevent the beans from burning.

Step three is grinding and crushing the roasted coffee beans.
The roasted coffee beans are later manually ground and crushed with a mortar and pestle into a powder-like substance.

After this, the coffee is ready to be packed or consumed by the visitors. This whole process makes the coffee more expensive, but it is worth enjoying.

While you visit the Cantik Coffee Plantation, get along with the workers to know more clearly about the plantation.

Sometimes the quantity and quality both are hampered in packages. So be careful while you buy them and don't be lured by the sweet words of the owner.

Visit the place during the early hours to avoid heat and crowds. Also, avoid rainy season as it gets difficult to walk on muddy ways and you might not even get the chance to see everything that well.

Don't forget to visit the area of toddy cats as they surely are one reason that makes Luwak coffee more special than any other.
Short Description: Cantik Coffee Plantation is a famous plantation in the Ubud area of Bali known for its worldwide popular coffee ‘Luwak'. The beautiful coffee plantation of Cantik let you have an insight into how the things process at coffee plantations. The plantation is famous for using toddy cats for processing coffee which is an extremely unique process.