Campuhan Ridge Walk is located in the center of the Ubud town. It is almost a 2-kilometer trek, but it is a very easy and perfect place to hang out with family and friends. It is at Jalan Rsi Markandya 3, Tegalalang, Bali - also known as Campuhan Ubud Bali.

While trekking you will see a little extension over the Campuhan River that leads to Pura Gunung Lebah Sanctuary Complex.
The cut dividers and the towering altars give a social and fascinating touch to the start of this nature walk.
The windy block paved path of the Campuhan Ridge and scenic vistas are undoubtedly one of the remarkable features of the place. The uphill and downhill trek lets the visitors have a look into the beauty of the region.

The time of sunset serves as the perfect trekking time as the cool wind and warm lighting make the backdrop perfect to photograph and cherish. The windy tracks are refreshing and look like heaven comprising of richness and vibrancy of nature.

The pathway separated by two palm trees is another striking feature of the place.

On either side of the ridge, there is deep gorge with a river rushing through. The ridge is about 1.5 kilometers long and suitable for a workout. From the ridge, we get amazing views into the valleys below.

Another specialty is that there are no shops and other buildings but just the natural view. Once you have climbed up, you will have a 360-degree panoramic view over the whole Ubud area.

To make the experience more relaxing there are cafes at the end of the trekking where you can even have lunch in the middle of the city and with a rice terrace view. Some hotels, such as Hotel Pertiwi Bisma II and Anini Raka Resort & Spa are located right in the middle of the rice fields and are perfect for a break.

At about three-quarters of the walk, you will run into a nice swing on your right. They are nice and enjoyable. Even though the area is accessible for the locals, there is no hindrance to their activities. The area is clean and free of stray animals too.

Since the climate of Ubud is almost humid and warm, it is best to start trekking as early as possible. You can start a little before sunrise and can reach the top by the time of breaking of the sun rays to enjoy the early morning beauty of the region.

Even though there are cafes and hotels at the end of the trek, carry your water bottles at least for the trekking as there are no shops in between the start and end of the ridge.
The trekking route is not so difficult and you can walk on your flip flops if you have forgotten your shoes. But it is best to wear trekking shoes for a better and easy trekking experience.

The returning route is somewhat longer so be prepared to have suitable food and essentials before starting your journey back. You can return from Bangkian Sidem or can continue walking through the village from the end of the trekking route taking a turn towards the riverside.