Don Muang International Airport (DMK) is the oldest airport in Asia. In 1924, it started commercial traveling. Suvarnabhumi Airport was set up as Bangkok’s main airport for international flights. Don Muang Airport got closed for this new modern airport. However, with the rise in low-cost carriers in Thailand and the advent of new routes led to the rise of Don Muang Airport in 2007. Now it mainly serves as the domestic hub but also has flights to other countries in the region. Don Muang Airport is a two-storied airport with a simple layout. It is located in the northern part of the city. It is a very good option for those who want a short trip to downtown Bangkok or if they want to take cheap flights in any part of the country or other countries for that matter. It is a century-old airport, while many parts have been renovated, a few still require an urgent facelift. If you are going around the airport, and find constructions going on, don’t be surprised! The Arrival Hall is on the first floor, the Departure Hall is on the second floor. The check-in counters for all airlines are on the second floor. Apart from these, there are money exchange counters, souvenir shops, restaurants and VIP lounge for the benefit of the travelers. The limousine services and other car rental services are there on the first floor.
A much smaller and quieter airport is Don Muang compared to Suvarnabhumi. There are many food options for tourists, from food courts to Coffee shops. Burger King and Irish Pub are the most sought after options. Like most airports, sleeping on the stopovers is not that comfortable. Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok Hotel is the one where you can take rest.
If you are having a long layover at Don Muang Airport, there are a few places you can visit which you will definitely love. Central World Mall is one of the oldest shopping malls in Thailand. It holds round about 900 shops with branded clothes, perfume, and jewelry salons. The Mall opened in 1990. It is a great place to watch entertainment movies, play with your kids and spend leisure time. If the weather permits, and there is no rain, you can spend your long layover sightseeing the Bangkok City. Tourists may find problems while having food and water because of the geographical location of the city which makes it a sinking city. Nonetheless, it is a great place to roam about. If you are in Bangkok and have not tasted the Black Ivory Coffee, it is a loss for you. You should visit the farm and see the way this coffee is made. Elephants play a vital role in the making of this unique coffee. They clean the coffee beans with their stomachs. 33 kg of coffee beans are required to produce 1 kg of Coffee. Hovering around the farm, with coffee trees all around you is interesting. Sky Bar is the place to relax in the open air and get to know the city better. You can also listen to live music. The State Tower holds this bar on its roof of a 63 storied building.