The Monkey Hill Viewpoint also is known as the Toh Sae is one of Phuket’s most famous tourist attractions. The best part is that the name of the place was not random and if you visit the Monkey Hill, you will find out why.
Located in Phuket town near the Phuket Provincial Hall and Provincial Courthouse, the Monkey Hill has a lot to offer to its visitors. If you are coming from Thepkasattri Road, take the first left after Phuket prison. This is known as the Toe Sae Road and it leads to the Monkey Hill.

You can get to the top of the hill via car and there are many breathtaking views on the way. This path, built in 2015 is only accessible during the daytime and it closes in the evening around 5 pm but you still have the choice of walking by foot enjoying the beautiful landscape. It takes roughly around 2 hours for a round trip and the slope is pretty steep. So it is also a good workout opportunity.

A platform was built on the top of the hill in 2015 to provide better scenery. The peculiarity about Monkey Hill Viewpoint is that the sights along the way are so much better than the view itself. The top part of the hill has a number of radio and television stations and midway up the hill, you can see a simple exercise park. The hill is also a favorite jogging and recreational spot for the locals.

The bottom part of the hill is home to the Green Forest restaurant that provides excellent Thai cuisine and cold beverages. It has a magnificent view of Koh Siray and the east coast. A small peaceful shrine representing the 3 Holy Spirit - Koh Sae Dong, Koh Sae Dom, and Koh Sae Khao is also popular on the Monkey Hill. It is open on all days but on Friday locals come to pray here for good fortune in the lottery.

No matter what you decide to do at Monkey Hill, the hundreds of monkeys will be the one memory that is going to stay with you. It is estimated that there are about 400 macaques living on the hill in several troops. They are fed daily by the locals and there is a generous man known as “Pae Hog” or Uncle Hog who is really friendly with these monkeys. He comes to the viewpoint daily to give them food or pet them. There is hardly any chaos as he feeds them separately and the monkeys are generally calm. Many of Phuket’s Animal Tourism includes holding the animals in captivity. So the sight of hundreds of monkeys moving freely on the hill is surely refreshing.