Yellow Bridge- A Bridge Which Connects Two Gorgeous Islands

The yellow bridge which connects the famous Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan Islands is a narrow bridge from which only two-wheelers and pedestrians can walk through. Being the only connection between the two Islands it has gone through so much strain in the past years. In October 2016, The Bridge terribly collapsed and around 18 people got injured and 8 died. After this sad incident, the bridge was rebuilt in 20 17 and got a Title ‘ Bridge Of Love’.

You will see this famous bridge for sure on your way from Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Ceningan. The best time to visit this beautiful Bridge is at night when it shines with luminous colorful lights and looks fabulous. At the base of the Bridge in Lembongan, there is a car parking area, some shops to visit and some ticket counters for the ferry service to reach Ceningan Island. The Bridge can still handle traffic of two-wheelers and pedestrians only.

Some beautiful hotels to stay near Yellow Bridge are Batu Karang Lembongan Hotel which offers fresh and delicious food and the best and the most comfortable place to reside near the Bridge. But costs around Rs.18,619/- per night which is a bit expensive. Other good places to stay are Lembongan cliffs Villas a pocket-friendly option costs around Rs.3,635/- per night and The Acala Shree Sedona which costs Rs 9,824 per night.

The new Yellow Bridge that was built after the collapse of the old one is 140 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. The bridge was constructed at a cost of billion bucks. ‘ Bridge of love’ is attracting many foreign visitors who gather there for photographs with this iconic Bridge. The new Yellow Bridge is physically larger and stronger than the previous one but carries only two-wheeler traffic and for pedestrians.

There is no entrance fee to cross the Bridge and also no parking charges to park your vehicle under it. The visit to Nusa Lembongan Island costs around Rs. 8000/-. Yellow Bridge in Bali called yellow Bridge because of its shiny yellow color. It's a Bridge which is very famous for the romantic photo-shoots amongst the couples and everyone loves to have a memory in the form of a picture with this Iconic Bridge of Bali.

It is the only Bridge for the pedestrians which connects the two epic islands. And other option to reach Nusa Ceningan from Nusa Lembongan is a ferry and small boats which costs around 70,000 IDR to reach the other side. The cheapest option to stay on the Nusa Lembongan Island is Pandan Wangi located in the north of the Island.

Last but not the least there are many places to visit on the Nusa Lembongan like Devil’s Tears, Dream Beach, Sandy Bay, Jungut Batu Baech and of course iconic Yellow Beach. Nusa Lembongan island offers you all Beaches, Sunset points, turquoise Bluewater, snorkeling, diving, water sports, scrumptious food and what not! Nusa Lembongan is the better version of Nusa Penida in terms of beauty, roads, and safety. This is a must-have look place in Bali to have fun and enjoy vacations.