West Bali is mostly covered by the wilderness of lush green forests and huge parts of it are protected reserves. Least frequently visited but West Bali provides calm beaches and the clear water in this area are excellent for getting a flawless diving experience. Other than diving, you can trek and bird watching in the West Bali National Park. And if all you want is to relax and still have a beach camping experience, you can opt for glamping at some cool and glamorous resorts.

n the midst of temples, you will come across a church designed by Father Ignatius A.M. de Vriese and built with a mixture of gothic and Balinese elements. Several people in Bali converted to Catholicism in 1936 with the advent of first Catholic missionary. After the Dutch Government allowed a priest, Father Simon Buis, to build the church in 1940, he moved into the village of Palasari and the church was built in the 1950s.

Balinese culture, untainted and pure, is found in the everyday local life in the villagers of West Bali. Find their culture in the handiworks they do and the temples found on the island. It’s in the rice fields and in the hard work of the locals to keep their authenticity alive. To get a clearer picture on what Bali is and how their culture is in the simple things they do every day, you must take the road less traversed and head off to West Bali.

Pristine beaches and a dense natural forest reserve is what makes up most of West Bali. The best ways to reach West Bali is to get there by car from one of the other popular tourist destinations. Two main routes, the northern and southern, are usually used to reach West Bali areas. Other ways are shuttle buses to Gilimanuk and ferries from Banyuwangi and East Java to Gilimanuk, the westernmost point of Bali.
Things to do in and around West Bali:

Diving in Menjangan Island is one of the best diving experiences that you can gather during your trip to Bali. Apart from diving, there are snorkeling, surfing and trips to the West Bali National Park which are also usually very popular with the tourists. However, these parts are still much less crowded and won’t hinder with your relaxed holiday experiences.

Glamping is yet another top option among those travellers wanting a camping experience with all the comforts of a luxury vacation. There are various resorts built near the serene beaches of West Bali. The hospitality of these resorts is top class and you will leave deeply satisfied.

Have you heard about the abandoned planes all around Bali? Well, one of them is in the West Bali region as well. This one in Jembrana is supposedly being developed into a residential area or accommodation or a villa. Wow! Just imagine spending your vacation days in a mysterious and abandoned airplane in the lush green meadows of West Bali. Moreover, there are also rumors that this might be turned into a library as well. So, bookworms all over the world… add another spot for your reading retreat.

Explore the hidden gems of amazing waterfalls behind nooks and crannies of the region, hunt for age-old temples and watch the daily life of villagers, find mysterious boulder beaches and watch the sunsets light up the horizons.

Don’t miss the mighty sight of this gigantic banyan tree, aka Bunut Bolong Tree while you visit West Bali. It’s mainly famous for a giant hole through its roots which forms as a drive-through. However, it’s not suggested to couples as the legend goes, the couples who go through this driveway end up separated. So, you can visit the place but take the road just beside it.

You will find some exotic locations to spend your Bali days in and around the regions of West Bali. Be it beach resorts or woody natural resorts in the dense jungles; you will find it all. The Octagon Ocean Club by Plataran and Bali Tower Bistro are known to be the best.

The main dish popular in West Bali is the Ayam Betutu Men Tempeh; hot and spicy chicken in a preparation of local broth and spices. You’ll find this dish mainly in a bus terminus at Gilimanuk. The bar culture is not much found in the west coast of Bali, however, having a beer on the beach is allowed. 

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