Just a few minutes away from the town of Chern Talay, Bang Tao Beach is famous for its luxurious resorts and villas spread across six kilometers of coastline. It also has a small village where the residents make their living by farming, fishing or rubber tapping. The beach is more calm and peaceful at the northern tip and the vast strip of land makes you feel like the place is all yours. The beach is located halfway between the airport and Patong Beach on the west coast of Phuket.

Bang Tao beach has a diverse range of restaurants, hotels, scenery, and activities making it one of the most magnificent islands in Phuket. One of the best beach clubs on the island of Phuket and probably in the whole world can be seen on the southern end of Bang Tao. The northern tip is more tranquil and remains natural and untouched. The beach clubs are prominent for their wonderful setting, amazing cocktails, and fine dining. You can also find many top quality restaurants that offer mouth-watering cuisines. Though many of these are connected to five-star hotels, some of them are independent too.

The sand at Bang Tao Beach is sort of grainy and the waters are shallow, especially during the months from December to April. So it is not always an ideal place for adventurous sporting activities but if you prefer basking in the sun or taking a cool dip in the waters, Bang Tao is perfect for you. Bang Tao does have some shopping possibilities yet not enough to satisfy hardcore shopaholics. It has very few shopping malls and big brand stores but has enough variety of tiny shopping arcades. The beach has many local boutiques and night markets where you can buy unique souvenirs at reasonable prices.

On the famous west coast of Phuket, Bang Tao stands out as a popular luxury destination. It is also the second largest beach in Phuket, the first being Mai Khao Beach. If you choose to stay at Bang Tao Beach, Boat Avenue is a place that should never be missed. It is a very zesty complex with many trendy shops, restaurants, and a prodigious villa market. If you visit the place on a Friday, you will be lucky enough to run into the colorful Fun Friday Avenue Market.

Laguna Phuket is a prominent luxury resort complex in the large open bay of Bang Tao and it is home to seven extravagant resorts including the Banyan Tree Resort and the Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, well known for its neoclassical theme. Most of these resorts have impressive facilities including tons of fun activities and awesome swimming pools. In comparison to that of Patong, the nightlife of Bang Tao beach is a bit limited but it still has some budget-friendly stand out bars away from the sand