Phuket has many beautiful beaches, some of which are away from the crowd, making it feel like secluded heaven. Laem Singh Beach which is stashed between Kamala and Surin beaches is one such idyllic spot.
The shore is lined with palm trees and the giant boulders settled all over the sand adds to the charm of it. The beach is only 280 meters long and has rocky headlands at the northern and southern points. A popular viewpoint along the coastal road overlooks the beach so the place is not that difficult to find either.

To get to Laem Singh Beach, you need to take a boat ride from the southern end of Surin Beach. It usually costs around 100 bahts per head but if you don't want to wait for the other passengers, you can take the whole boat for 400 bahts. Another option is to walk from the southern end of Surin Beach. Due to land disputes in 2017, a direct approach to the beach on foot was banned but the shore is public land, thus still accessible.

Laem Singh Beach has always been an ideal location for leisure activities like swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. You will find much beautiful colored fish around the rocks near the southern end of the beach making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. For swimming and body boarding, the northern end is more preferable. But it is advisable to be cautious during the monsoon season as the beach can have dangerous currents. Before the land dispute, the restaurant on the beach provided kayaks, body boards and snorkeling gear. Unfortunately, as things have changed, you will have to carry your own snorkeling equipment.

The Laem Singh viewpoint on the coastal road between Kamala Beach and Surin Beach has seating and shelter which makes it an ideal spot for watching Phuket’s enchanting sunsets. If you walk to the southern end of Laem Singh, you can see the headland of Kamala Beach. Laem Singh Beach does not have many hotels or restaurants and therefore lacks convenient accommodation. However, the Surin beach is just 100 meters away and has many popular hotels like Ayara Hilltops Boutique Resort and Twinpalms Phuket.

Over the years, Laem Singh Beach has grown in popularity but the shops, restaurants and even beach chairs were later removed on the claim that the beach was public property and could not be used for private benefits. A few years ago the place was buzzing with activities and had beach bars and a few good restaurants. With all the changes, it has become a lot more silent and inactive. But the beach is free from the noise of tuk-tuks, cars or any other vehicle and thus maintains its naturalness