To the north of the noise and hubbub of Patong lies a more serene spread of sand in the midst of lush green hills known as Kamala Beach. It is more of a fishing village with a well-enclosed bay and has always attracted tourists with its beauty and tranquility. For a long time, Kamala Beach has been the favorite spot for retirees and long-term visitors looking for a more peaceful escape. If you travel straight through the main road coming down from Patong, Kamala Beach is easy to find. It consists of two villages, the original Muslim town at the back side which is much more peaceful compared to the touristic part that stretches along the coastline. Kamala Beach is one of Phuket’s most family-friendly beaches. Although it has an active nightlife, the fun is more about shows and drinks than wild parties. There are many varieties of restaurants across the stretch of the sand providing delicious food at all ranges of budgets. The choice of cuisine is also diverse from native Thai food to various European flavors. While the beachfront restaurants provide a spectacular view of the beach, the Silk restaurant famous for its mouth-watering Thai cuisine and the Diavolo restaurant is a must try for first-timers. You can also find a lot of beachfront venues like hotels of all types and beach clubs providing leisure facilities. As you move to the south there are many luxury villa developments on the headland with mesmerizing views of Kamala Bay.

 The shops are run mainly by the locals, therefore offering you a more authentic shopping experience and more possibilities of bargaining. Owing to its strong local touch, Kamala Beach can get very quiet at night. The people who generally reside in the area are thankful for the silence and love the place just the way it is - without much crowd. Despite its popularity among tourist agencies, Kamala Beach has somehow maintained its genuineness since it is mostly occupied by locals giving it an original Thai touch. The parts farthest from the beach are especially village-like with an undisturbed ambiance making it an ideal place to relax with your family. One of the major attractions of the nightlife at Kamala Beach is the famous Phuket Fantasea Show which is the largest Thai cultural show in Phuket. With the opening of the Cafe Del Mar beach club, Kamala Beach has become a lot more popular in recent years.

 If you visit Kamala Beach during the months of May to November, you will be lucky enough to have an excellent surfing experience at this wonderful beach. It usually takes place at the northern end of the beach and the same place is available for snorkeling from December to April. Besides sightseeing attractions, you could also spend your time visiting the temple or watching the fishermen throwing their nets in the southern part of the beach. The hotels here also provide excellent spa treatment thus completing your blissful sojourn