Pattaya Night Bazaar, a lively market where you can go shopping for all the things you want from your list. The place is easily locatable at Pattaya Sai Second Road. A market that comes with a huge collection of goods at a negotiable price. It has more than 250 stalls under one roof, and the place is quite comfortable as it is fully air-conditioned. Here the alleyways between stall holders are much larger and roomy thus making the place easy to walk through. It may be called a night bazaar but it opens at 9 in the morning and closes at 11 at night. The best time to visit is mid-afternoon when it’s in full swing. For the bargain hunters, it is advisable to come a little later when stall holders have the time to haggle and are all exhausted after days’ work. We find that they are quicker to lower the price then. You can spend here the whole day and check all the different kinds of Thai items. Stalls over here has a good collection of wooden souvenir.

 The market from the outside looks like any other normal market but when you venture inside you will be pleasantly surprised. All the shops here sell their own kind of goods. There is the clothing of all types, bags, and luggage, sunglasses, hats, and all sorts of the item for sale. It also houses a greater number of tailor shops than almost anywhere else in the city. The shops here may try to sell fake branded products so beware of that. Goods here are centered on the tourist over locals and you must never ever accept the stall holders first price, always aim for a 20-25% discount from this. The place will offer you the traditional feel of the Thai market and that too without the heat and hassle associated with a lot of other markets. The place is easy to reach, and a visit here is a must when you are in Pattaya to grab a few souvenirs to take back home.