Located just on the beach road, Tipp Plaza is one of the popular destinations to satisfy your shopping spree at Pattaya. The plaza is filled with small stores where you can get all your junk jewelry, clothes, and souvenir. The exact location to reach this destination is 219/1 Beach road, Muang Pattaya, Chang Wat Chon Buri, Thailand. It is also one of the favorites go-to place to try seafood. You will get a variety of snacks and Thai food. You can buy things here at reasonable rates and the place is also not crowded. Just when you are about to enter the Tipp Plaza, you will find a fancy cigar shop nearby, you can buy different kinds of cigar for your collection as well.

 The Tipp Plaza is not so grand in size, but it is definitely grand in its variety. When you are at Tipp Plaza, you must visit the Art Street. It is a small lane next to Mike’s Shopping Mall which has been named as Art Street. It is an alley of many little art shops and tattoo studios. There are many art shops and tattoo studious in Pattaya, but not of this number in one lane. You will find here amazing tattoo parlors and artists studious. The collection will definitely leave you awestricken. You can also get a portrait done, or just give them a photo and they will convert it into a beautiful painting. The display here is one of its kind. The cost of it is also pocket-friendly. It is a place to visit to get acquainted with the work of Thai artists.

 Though recently many art shops have been converted into tattoo parlor still you will find some very talented pieces at the display. The timing of the stalls here is from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. If you get impressed by the creativity of the Thai artist, then you can be a part of the Thai tattoos art festival in this city. It is hosted by more than 200 tattoo artists from around the world.