Freedom beach is located just a few minutes away from Patong and is one of the busiest yet peaceful beaches in Phuket. The white sand stretches for about 300 m and is covered by a lush jungle around it. The shallow waters are also home to diverse flora and fauna, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. The beach is accessible only by a longtail boat and only during the months from December to June. Maybe it is this difficult accessibility that makes it all the more special. To reach Freedom Beach, can take a boat from the southern end of Patong Beach near the big bridge at Amari Phuket. Although the prices may vary, a pilot can charge you 1200 to 1500 baht for a boat from Patong which is payable on the return trip.

 If you want to reach the beach by foot, there is a small dirt road starting from the Avista Resort in Patong which passes through Karon beach, past Simon Cabaret. But this involves walking down through a very steep slope and the gate leading to Freedom Beach may not always be open. Another route is via boat from Kamala or Kata Beach but this is more expensive and a waste of time. The boat pilots always know the best route around the area so if you see him driving away from the direction of Freedom Beach, don't be surprised. He's just trying to get you there without making you seasick or drenched in water. The boat ride to the beach can be very thrilling and adventurous so if you are carrying cameras, mobiles or something expensive, it would be better off covered in a plastic bag. On the way to Freedom beach, you will find many lovely little sandy coves like Paradise Beach, Tri Trang Beach and Merlin Beach. At the white shores of Freedom Beach, there will usually be a few longtail boats already parked and people basking peacefully in the sun. You can take a stroll through the soft, crystal clear sand or spend some time in the clear, blue waters.

 Both ends of the beach are perfect spots to find fish and small marine life so if you bring your snorkeling gear, it is sure to be a wonderful experience. People can also play beach soccer or beach volleyball on the shore. Even if you choose not to do anything daring, spending some alone time at this beautiful paradise can be highly relaxing. For those who enjoy sunbathing or watching the sea, beach chairs are available to rent for a small fee. Freedom Beach is typically quiet and tranquil as there are no noisy marine leisure facilities like jet-skis. You can also get chilled drinks or modest Thai food from a restaurant nearby.