Mesmerizing blue water, soft sand, all surrounded by coconut trees. Sounds like a paradise? Then you will be overjoyed to find out that such a paradise actually exists on the island of Phuket. The Paradise beach, just like the name implies, is a wonderful shore with an ethereal view. It consists of two small sandy bays where you will find plenty of bars, restaurants, shopping stalls, and even energetic night parties on some days. The entrance is not free and is usually around 200 baht but the beach still attracts tourists. It is very easy to reach Paradise Beach if you drive south from Patong Beach towards the bridge that leads to Amari Phuket. Immediately after the bridge, if you turn left and keep driving for a few kilometers, you will reach the Marriott Merlin Beach Resort on the left and Tri Trang Beach on your right. At the bottom of the hill, you can find a sign showing that you will reach Paradise Beach if you drive straight following the road to Emerald Bay for another 2 to 3 kilometers. The road may be a bit narrow but it is well paved giving you a delightful ride. After reaching a large parking spot, you can see the shuttle bus service that will take you to the beach.

 Paradise Beach is quite small as compared to the other beaches in Phuket and it is difficult to find if you don't know about it. If a concrete road had not been made to the spot, it would have remained a secret beach. Though the beach is pretty remote, it has become increasingly popular after it started hosting the Phuket Full Moon parties. This party organized by the famous Illuzion Night Club on Bangla Road is famous for its great sound system and lighting and of course, there is an entrance fee to join. The main beach has undergone huge changes in recent years. There was a large number of beach chairs and a number of restaurants which kept the beach really crowded but now it looks more like a village with some shopping malls around it. It has many shade-giving palm trees, coconut trees, and tropical almonds. 

 About 100 meters into the water, the beach has a spectacular coral reef and large granite rocks on both ends. Snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and body boarding are some of the major attractions of Paradise Beach. The beach clubs here also offers a wide range of enjoyable sporting activities like beach volleyball as well as swimming, paddling or generally just being in the crystal clear waters. But jet-skis are not encouraged so as to maintain the serene ambiance of the beach. Paradise Beach can be crowded in high season but it never loses its charm and spirit.