The history of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market goes way back to 1860s when King Rama IV ordered the construction of a 32 Kilometer canal to connect the Mae Klong and Tha Chin rivers. Following years, many floating markets came up in the canal set up by the villagers. Among them, the main floating market that came up was called Lad Plee market. The Lad Plee market was made a tourist attraction in the year 1971 by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and later on in 1981 the modern Damoen Saduak Floating Market was established in the canal by private entrepreneurs. Being situated at the Ratchaburi province which is within a distance of 100 Kilometers from Bangkok, reaching the market is an easy and trouble-free topic. From the Southern Line of Bangkok Bus Terminal, there are buses running to Damnoen Saduak daily and while if you prefer a car journey, the ride will take only one and a half hours. On reaching the market one is opened up to a whole new world of the cultural experience of Thailand.

 The market waters can be seen filled with boat vendors and on the stretch of the canal, banks shops cuddled together with different goods on sale. While experiencing a longtail boat ride, one can float through the canal and enjoy the visual treat of trade on water. In their traditional mo hom apparel the blue farmers’ shirt, female traders can be seen selling goods in small wooden boats under the shade of straw hats. From souvenirs to local goods found at the market one can also find a collection of exquisite culinary. Boat noodles are a specialty to be found in the market, being prepared and sold on a small canoe over the water. Fresh produce like coconuts, bananas, pomegranates and a lot of other products grown locally by farmers are also a highlight. Most products are overpriced but still, the vendors are open for bargaining and things can be bought at reasonable prices.

 Being filled with visitors from all around the globe, the markets are up and running with all enthusiasm till noon, but the best time to visit is from 7 to 9 in the morning before u get caught up in the heat. Along with the experience of this new scenario, the tourists are also to be vigilant of scams from local boatsmen and also traders. Apart from that, the floating markets of Damnoen Saduak are truly a place of rich culture and understanding of the pasts of trades on the waters of Thailand. It would be one of a kind experience to indulge in this new way of shopping. So do include this famous market if you are planning on a trip to Thailand.