Recent years have worked well for Thailand tourism, with an intake of about 16 million tourists coming in countries around the world. Even though Thailand offers a variety of scenic beauties across many of its islands, Phuket has captured the minds and hearts of the people having under its possession of historic monuments, wildlife parks and beaches. With an area of 576 square kilometres, Phuket is the largest island of the country, supported by 32 smaller islands, which host a variety of traditional festivals such as Phuket Travel Fair, Ghost Festival and Chao Le Boat Floating Festival. To witness the various attractions of Phuket, there are many ways in accessing the island- water, land and air.

  Land travel is done using buses and trams which shuttles between the island the major cities in Thailand. Tourists can enter the island through ferry boats which connect the island to neighbouring islands, Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Lastly, Phuket possesses an international domestic airport which is just a few kilometres from the heart of the island. The Phuket airport is the third busiest airport in Thailand, owing to millions of passengers that fly across borders to enter the island. In 2016, the airport had set a record of 15.1 million departures and arrivals, increasing the tourism growth of Phuket, ultimately contributing to increasing in tourism of Thailand. Every airport has to caters to the needs of its passengers, providing comfort and easy to access to necessary facilities. While travelling by air, foreigners are first welcomed by the Airport infrastructure and ambience, which reflects the capabilities of the country itself. Ironically, it will be the Airport appearance which creates the first impression in the minds of the tourists, and at that minute a judgement is made. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the class and quality of every airport, and firmly it can be said that the infrastructure offered by the Phuket airport, reflects the quality held by the people of Phuket.

  The Phuket airport has a three-storey building which holds two terminals for international and domestic flights. The first floor of the building is dedicated to the arrivals section for the international and domestic passengers, while the second floor is for the departures section for passengers from the domestic and international flights. The arrival area consists of baggage claim with five conveyor belts, along with currency exchanges centres for foreign customers to exchange into the local currency. Additionally, it also services limousine, taxi and bus services to and from the airport. On the departures area, the Phuket airport offers duty-free shopping centres, restaurants and mini cafes, providing the passengers with a variety of options to choose from and providing them one last show of power by the people of Phuket. The Phuket airport has a single airport, which is designated as 09/27 with length and width of 3000 meters and 45 meters, respectively. The airport operates for 24 hours having the capacity to accommodate 30 flights in an hour. Most international flights from all around the globe are welcomed at the Phuket airport and hence it can hold more 16 million passengers.