Amongst the rice terraces known for their special irrigation system, Tegalalang Rice Terrace is the one known for its photogenic beauty. Popular amongst the tourists, Tegalalang Rice Terrace is located in the northern part of the Ubud region in Bali. The cool breeze and the greenery spread all over makes this place worth stopping at.

 The rice terrace has a unique irrigation system called Subak, a traditional system that allows the local community to control the flow of water into the paddy fields. The system is said to be developed by Rsi Markandeya, a holy man according to the Balinese history. The cool and windy atmosphere at this rice terrace provides perfect weather to the tourists to stop and enjoy nature. The scenic beauty is beyond any measure here as the beautiful rice saplings are spread over the slopes, making amazing patterns. This is the best place to get pictures. Many photographers and artists stop by here to take pictures and make a painting of the serene and everlasting beauty of the rice terrace. There’s also the infamous ‘Love Bali’ sign here and some swings where you can have a nice photoshoot. The local farmers are also very welcoming to tourists. They often welcome visitors with a drink made of coconut. Sometimes they might also request the tourists to buy hats made of coconut leaves. On request, they even get ready for a photograph for which they sometimes charge a little amount of money.

  Just a little bit away from the rice terrace, a small village called Pakudui is situated. This village is known to be dominated by local artists. Here one can find a large variety of craft including wooden ornaments and sculptures. The statues and sculptures of a Balinese deity Garuda are most likely to be found in the markets and streets of the village. The villagers here are craftsmen from so many generations, and they carve various structures like Gods, animals, vases, doors, and windows, etc. The rice terrace also has several cafes and shops nearby. You can do some shopping from the local street shops in the area. Several cafes are located facing the beautiful rice terraces which give a soothing experience to the visitors. You will get the best pictures of your entire Bali trip in this area so be ready with all your necessary camera equipment.

  The Tegalalang Rice Terrace is just a half an hour drive from the Ubud Art Market. You can easily hire a car with a local driver from Ubud to the Tegalalang. The place is beautiful throughout the year whether it's a season of rice or not. The best time to visit the terrace is in the early morning when you can witness the beautiful sunrise through the rice terrace or during the time of sunset. Sometimes, you might be asked to donate some money while visiting the paddy fields. The reason for this that while visitors pass through, sometimes the crops get destroyed too