Ubud has been known as the patron of fine art and the exposure provided by the Ubud nobles
helped in making Ubud an artist's haven. There are many galleries and museums that consist of work
of Balinese artists and have attracted creatives from all over Indonesia.
The museums and galleries in Ubud let us discover the unique style of Balinese art, culture, and
history. They serve as a source of development and change that has taken place during the course of

 Puri Lukisan, also known as Princely Lineage is located on the west of Ubud Royal Palace
and just after the walk of a few minutes from the palace, one can easily reach there. It was founded
by Rudolf Bonnet and Cokorda Gde Agung Sukawati. There is a great collection of modern art of over
150 fine paintings and 62 sculpture pieces in permanent exhibits which are displayed in three gallery
buildings. This museum tells the story of modern art development in Ubud. For the best experience,
it must be seen in sequence.

 Agung Rai Museum of Art is in Pengosekan, approximately 3km south of the main Ubud hub. This is
one of the largest one roof museums with a wide range of private collection, accommodated by
Balinese resort owner. It features two large buildings filled with a wide collection of artworks. The
works displayed here belong to different eras featuring artists of Bali, Java, and even non-Indonesian
artists living in Ubud. 

 Museum Rudana Fine Art Gallery is another must visit place in Ubud. This museum was founded by
an Ubud politician named Nyoman Rudana in 1995. The museum houses his fine favorites, which
comprise classical Ubud and Batuan-style paintings. There is a huge collection of contemporary
Balinese and Indonesian art. Around 400 pieces are arranged in three levels in the museum. This art
gallery is utterly suitable for the art collectors as it sells artworks of famous and upcoming artists.
Blanco Renaissance Museum is actually made in the mansion of Antonio Blanco, a Catalan turned
beloved Balinese artist. After his death in 1999, his mansion was converted into a memorial to his
work. It is located on a hilltop, near Bridge of Campuhan. The museum presents work of Blanco and
a series of graceful portraits. The premises consist of a family house, a temple, restaurant and a gift
shop where prints of Blanco's work can be purchased.

 Neka Art Museum is one of Ubud’s pioneering art museums, established in 1976 by Balinese art
lover Wayan Suteja Neka. This museum exhibits artworks from the 19th century till present. There
are about 300 pieces of Balinese art. It has a Balinese painting hall, the Contemporary Indonesian art
hall, the Lempad Pavilion, and the Arie Smit Pavilion that presents different facets of the country's
creative talent from different ages. One of the must-see favorites in the museum comprises of
traditional Balinese ‘kris’ daggers. Neka himself hails from a generation of the Balinese ‘pande’ clan
of smiths, who created such weapons.

 All of these museums are open from 9 am to 6 pm. It is best to visit the museum during the early
hours so that you can have enough time to explore all parts of the museum. You can hire a guide to
understand the painting and sculptures in the museum for a better understanding. 

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