For any traveler or tourist, shopping is one of the most important agendas to get back something for the memory of that place. Ubud has many places where different products and handicrafts are available for people to buy. There are streets along the Ubud Monkey Forest Road, Tegallalang Handicraft Center, Jalan Raya, Sukawati art market, Guwang art market, and famous Ubud art market.

 The traditional Ubud Art market lets you have a fun experience of traditional products made by the villagers or cottage industry workers. There are shops of food apart from handicrafts that lend you added enjoyment during the visit to the market. These markets serve a number of souvenirs that one can take back to their homes. There are many markets in Ubud from where one can buy things but the most attractive factor of all these markets or shops is that they provide a variety of homemade products that reflect the culture of local people in them. Sarongs, Balinese ceremonial items, traditional kites, and handmade bags give insight into the Balinese culture that makes it more appealing.

 Ubud Art Market is also known as Pasar Seni Ubud and is a traditional market, situated at the very heart of the Ubud. This place holds a huge stock of souvenirs made by the Balinese. There are two markets within, one side is of the traditional art market and another side is of traditional and basic market requirements. It offers homemade fragrances, picture frames, religious items and plenty of animisms and Buddhism inputs like Topeng masks, costumes, statues of Hindu deities and many more. Apart from the famous art market, there are several other markets in Ubud selling specialty of products. Sukawati Art Market is one of the most famous and oldest markets in Bali. It offers many artworks' shops apart from handicrafts. Paintings, accessories, clothing, local household items, traditional kites, bags, and ceremonial items are available here.

 Tegalalang Handicraft Centre offers many handicraft shops along the road that even provide selling of the products overseas. It offers a long series of shops with vibrant colors and attractive hand works. Jalan Raya Andong is 1 km away from the Ubud art market and provides many options to buy furniture also. It is the best place for those who want to buy a large number of products or furniture as they can find the option of delivery too. You can also enjoy the making of the products here as many craftsmen live in the village. This place is also known for its fashion items and provides both traditional and modern wears. There are shops of signature clothing of Java and Bali. This is the most suitable place for clothes shopping in Ubud.

 The best time to visit these markets is that of early hours, before the arrival of tourist buses. Mostly markets like the Ubud art market or Sukawati art market opens at 6 a.m. or a few like Tegalalang handicraft center at 8 a.m. You are open to bargain for the price of products and so it is better to start from the half price if you wish and raise to the price you want to purchase that product.

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