Tegenungan waterfall is one of the most popular waterfalls of the Ubud region. The waterfall is covered with scenic natural beauty and is at a very convenient spot for the visitors. The drive to this waterfall is also pretty pleasant as the entire way is covered with the paddy fields on both sides of the paved village road.

  The Tegenungan waterfall is just the place for the nature lover as the place is beautiful and prepped with modern amenities. When you reach the falls, you can park the vehicle in the parking which is very nearby from the waterfall area. On reaching the location, you'll have to climb down about 100 stairs to reach the waterfall. However, if you can't climb the stairs you can still enjoy the beautiful waterfall from the top.

  Tegenungan waterfall is one of the few waterfalls of Bali where swimming is allowed. You can enjoy swimming in the fresh water of this waterfall and relieve all your exhaustion. The arrangements for changing is also there at the waterfall. There are several toilets where you can change after swimming. The lifeguards are also available at the fall for the safety purpose. After the stress relieving swim at Tegenungan waterfall, you can try out some delicious local food at nearby restaurants. There's a famous restaurant called Bebek Tamarind which serves the local delicacies including the famous Balinese crispy fried duck. This is a very nice place to have local food while enjoying the natural beauty of the place. There are several other local shops nearby where you can buy different local art pieces and other items. The fall is in its full volume throughout the year. It is advisable not to go at the bottom during the rainy season as there's a huge risk of flood during that time. The stairs also get slippery during the rainy season. The fall is open for visitors from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm. If you want to enjoy it more, you should reach as early as possible. Since the waterfall is famous, the area gets crowded eventually. The entree fees at the waterfall are 15,000 IDR for the main entrance, 10,000 IDR for the separate entrance to the top and 5000 IDR for car parking. Reaching the waterfall is also easy.

  The waterfall lies between Depansar and Ubud, you can hire a taxi with a local driver from Ubud to reach here. The area is quite famous and therefore all the drivers are aware of the pathway and rout to this place. The drive also around an hour only and pretty much convenient. While going to Tegenungan waterfall, take care of your safety. Don't try to go too deep in the water and reach out to lifeguards beforehand if you're not much of a swimmer. If you are bringing kids along, pay extra attention to their safety as the stairs can be wet and slippery too. You can enjoy the best of this natural site while being cautious.

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