Puri Saren Palace or The Royal Palace of Ubud is a center for the royal family of Bali. The Royal Palace is home to Bali's cultural heritage of literature art and dance. With the astonishing architecture and lavish garden, this center of art was established in the 18th century by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel, the king and maintained by his successors. The word ‘Puri' which means ‘royal palace' in Balinese is indicative towards the nobility of the local kings and their families.

  The palace instead of being the resident to the lordship is more of a community and art center. The palace has a huge performance stage which is decorated with guardian statues and a traditional gate. The stag held dance performances every night for the tourists. The tickets are sold during the afternoon. The artist dressed is bright yellow, orange or red attires with beautiful headgears and accessories gives spell-bounding dance performances. The dance performances include Ramayana and Legong Dance. While Ramayana dance performance depicts the story Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana, the Legong Dance is a story of two brothers Subali and Sugriwa, who were turned into monkeys.

  The entrance of the Royal Palace is no less exotic. The beautiful architecture of the entrance attracts visitors from all around the globe. A leisure walk to the royal photo gallery is available for visitors at the front section of the palace. Local guides are usually available for all the queries related to history and culture. Not just the dance and cultural performances, the meeting halls and stage of the palace has also hosted many international events. The nearby locations also make this place worth visiting. The Ubud art market, the monkey forest, and many astonishing restaurants and night clubs in this area give really exotic vibes.

  There's no entry charge for touring the palace and the visitors can enjoy free entry. However, if you want to stay for the dance performance in the evening, you'll need to buy the tickets separately. The opening hours for the palace visit are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. after which the dance performances take place. There's no dress code and visitors can wear whatever they like.

  Reaching the Royal Palace is not difficult at all. The palace is a one hour drive from the capital city Depansar which is also the nearest airport. Due to its central location, the tourists find it a convenient stop. Surrounded by the art market, restaurant and hotels the palace is worth stopping at. If you choose to stay here for a day or two, you can explore the Ubud city, the markets, food places, and night hangout places. The city has some really amazing spas to get a relaxing end to your long and exhausting trip.

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