The iconic shopping and leisure destination, Jungceylon Mall, derived its name from the old Malay name for Phuket Island which was used about a hundred years ago or so. The island was once known for its international trade wealth and the wealth of its nature and now the same name is used by the largest shopping mall that is there in the southern part of Thailand. Spread across 200,000 square meters right in the center of Patong Beach, the shopping mall was inaugurated in the year 2006, opening its doors wide for shoppers to satiate their desires by the metropolis shops that were ready to cater to their innumerable wants.

This world-class mall is about four stories high and has two magnificent buildings to brag about. It’s ideally located behind Soi Bangla, in a little seaside resort. Jungceylon does not only house array of department stores but also includes a number of restaurants providing diverse cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes; bars and nightclubs; massage, beauty and wellness shops; Robinson department stores; Big C; SF Cinema City which runs five different movies at the same time all throughout the day; SF Strike Bowl; sports shops and a lot more! The complex literally has over 250 shops of local and international brands. The mall is divided into four enjoyable, fun zones, making it such an alluring place for shoppers who cannot and will not be able to stop shopping until they drop. The first zone is ‘Silang Boulevard’ which is the front building. It is decorated to resemble and give a feel of a tropical resort. In this zone, you will find yourself amidst many food eateries which not only offers excellent and authentic Thai food but other international cuisines like Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc. as well; two huge sports shops which are comfortably situated one next to other on your left just when you enter the door and also a few Thai and other international brand shops. This zone also caters the ‘Sense of wellness’ store which happens to be a one-stop shop for any and all things beauty related and oh-so-good Thai massages.

The second zone is aptly named as ‘The Port’ which is an outdoor section. There is a huge canopy along with a huge pond and several trees. The main attraction of this zone happens to be a life-sized Chinese Junk Boat with a fully functional and equipped catwalk for several kinds of shows that happens once in a while. Besides that, there is also a Jungceylon Musical Fountain which is in synchronicity with the sounds and lights and there is a special multimedia movie which is projected on the water screen every evening from 7 PM to 9 PM. ‘Sino Phuket’ is the name of the third zone which showcases the local Thai culture, providing a world-class dining area, offering international cuisines of most of the countries and then, of course, there is a smorgasbord of bars, lounges, and clubs to choose from that boast of a happening nightlife. Then comes the last zone which is ‘Phuket Square’. The zone has all kind of leading shops like Big C Extra which extends and offers household materials and food items, Robinson Department Store which provides for all the latest designer goods, SF Cinema City, SF Strike Bowl, XD Theatre which is a 4D motion ride, Laser gun shooting room named ‘Mega Force’, Karaoke rooms, IT Island which would enchant any tech and gadget lover. The mall also has the first Japanese indoor amusement park named ‘Molly Fantasy’. Jungceylon mall really has got everything covered for locals and tourists alike who just want to spend a day shopping affordable and standard quality goods, dining in comfortable surroundings while gorging on their choice of cuisine, playing in the gaming arcade and watching a movie of their choice.