Mount Batur is situated at Kintamani district of Bali. 1,717 meters above from sea level, it is an active volcano with a very beautiful view as you reach the top. Sunrise is truly an event you must witness if you're visiting Bali. To reach the top by the time of sunrise, the visitors prefer trekking in the night. The trek is two hours long, mostly easy and convenient. Although, the difficulty level of trekking depends on the physical fitness of individuals. Those who don't spend their time in cardio activities can find it a little difficult.

If you find peace and solace in the lap of nature, Mount Batur is just the place for you. It is covered with the divinity of nature from the bottom to the top. The campsites, cafes and restaurants and the properties like Batur Mountain View add leisure to your traveling experience.

Regular life can be very boring and exhausting, and we all need a break every once in a while. What could be a better way to rejuvenate the body and the mind than taking a dip in a hot sprint atop the mountain with healing properties! Looking at the beautiful sunrise and tasting Balinese delicacy could be the best thing you'll do for your dear self.

The best time to visit Mount Batur is between April to September. The temperature during this period is around 25 to 30 degrees, most suitable for trekking. The month of October sees heavy rainfall in the region that's why the trek becomes more difficult. Winter period could also be difficult for trekking activities.  
Mount Batur is in Kintamani district. One can reach either by air or by road. To reach by the air, Ngurah Rai International airport is the nearest international airport.

And to reach by road, buses and private taxies from the major cities of Bali like Kuta and Ubud to Kintamani can be booked.

Before you start to trek Mount Batur, there are certain things you must know:
Essential things to carry while trekking: A small water bottle, a torch or even a headlamp as you’re going to trek in the night and light will be needed, a small backpack to keep all your important gadgets. Make sure to carry a waterproof backpack and gears. You can also keep small snacks like biscuits or sandwiches on the go.

What to wear on the trek: Go for comfortable and stretchable outfits that you'd probably wear to the gym. Most important thing is to wear proper trekking shoes or trainers. Make sure your shoes have a nice grip so that you won't slip away as the grass at the night can be slippery. Also, if your skin is sensitive and you get rashes very easily then prefer wearing clothes which covers your body properly.
Camera equipment is highly recommended as you won't want to miss capturing the scenic beauty at the top. Keep your DSLR, GoPro, and phones handy. No need to bring tripods as it might get a little tricky to carry them.  

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