Krabi is famous for its picturesque beaches, islands, and seascapes. The province of Krabi is located on the west coast of southern Thailand. Krabi is located at the mouth of the Krabi river where it empties in the Phang Nga Bay. Tourism plays a very important role in providing a livelihood to the people of this province. The local time in Krabi is 7 hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time. The temperature throughout the year ranges mostly between 20°C to 35°C. Krabi experiences a nearly six-month-long rainy season, mostly in between the months of May and November and the average relative humidity is always above 70%.
According to archaeological discoveries, Krabi is believed to be one of the oldest communities in Thailand, dating back to the pre-historic period. Krabi means sword. The town may have been named so because of a legend of an ancient sword being unearthed at that place prior to the city's founding. A number of ethnic groups have made Krabi their homeland, hence the local culture is an amalgamation of all the different cultures of these communities and the religions that they practice. Many festivals are celebrated in this small town.

The Phang Nga borders Krabi in the north and the west. In the north, it is bordered also by Surat Thani. Nakhon Si Thammarat is present to the east of Krabi, while Trang borders the south. The Andaman Sea surrounds Krabi in the south and west. The Krabi province covers an area of 4708 square kilometers. Its mountainous physical geography is broken by highlands and plains, which cover more than 130 large and small islands, abounding with mangrove forests. Mount Phanom Bencha is the highest mountain in Krabi.
Krabi has an International Airport which begun to operate from the 10th of July 1999. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is around 800 km north of Krabi. One can travel to Krabi from Bangkok by flight, train or bus. A number of domestic airlines have regular flights operating between these two cities. There is no direct train from Bangkok to Krabi as Krabi does not have a railway station. Local buses alongside air-conditioned buses take approximately 12 hours to reach Krabi from Bangkok.

One can go rock climbing or diving or on boat trips, at Krabi. The presence of distinctive limestone karst formations offers a variety to the climbers, making Krabi a world class rock climbing destination. There are a number of renowned dive sites in the Andaman Sea and the numerous dive shops in Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta, in particular, were set up to cater for them. In order to visit the more secluded beaches, islands and islets on the Andaman Sea, one has to travel by boat. A wide range of options is available in order to suit the budget of the tourist party. One can travel on the distinctive longtail boats used by the locals or by speedboats or cruise ships. Tourists can travel in and around Krabi in a car while on road and by boat while in the sea. In Krabi, one should visit the Khao Kanab Nam, the Tiger Temple and the Contemporary Art Museum of Krabi.

Shops in Krabi town have everything from local art and handicrafts to local food. Krabi being a coastal town, seafood features prominently on the menu. A wide variety of international cuisines are available. Bars and Cafe Bars are located in Krabi town center, which caters to tourists, expats, and natives. Few of them have live bands playing.

There is a night market close to the promenade next to the piers. Calm beaches, bustling markets, lively bars, and nightclubs constitute the Krabi nightlife. It is a mix of flashy Go-Go bars, candid massage parlors, pubs and dim-lit clubs with pulsating music.

There are numerous types of accommodations available at Krabi Town, depending upon how much the tourist party wants to spend. Even the low budget ones mostly have wi-fi and can arrange tours and trips to the other islands. If one wants to splurge, Resorts with bungalows and swimming pool are also available.