Sawangan Beach is a location on Bali, situated in Nusa Dua in the Sawangan-Benoa district of South Kuta. The beach is better known under the name of Nikki Beach, but the locals look after the beach and like to call it Sawangan Beach.
Sawangan Beach is a long stretch of white sand with a scenic view of clear seawater, high cliff, green vegetation, and serene atmosphere.

This is a well-organized and attractive foreshore with all the amenities you need. You can enjoy playing sand, kites, and looking at the vast ocean, rolling waves accompanied by cool sea breezes.
There are many hardwoods, sea pandanus, and other green vegetation to adorn the limestone cliffs, adding to the shady atmosphere at Sawangan Beach Bali.

Sawangan Beach is used by people for different purposes, like the northern part of the beach is used by fishermen while the other parts are used for sunbathing.
The water of this beach is crystal clear and because it counters many waves, its foreshore is visited by surfers very frequently.
Sawangan Beach is popular among people who take a special interest in marine life because there are some specific fish and other living beings that appear in the water timely.

It is also a home for sea turtles to lay eggs during the nesting season. The hotel's security around the beach move the eggs into small hatcheries on the beach. After the eggs hatch into hatchlings, they are released back into the sea.

This beach is close to the parking lot. There are temples and food stalls, along with many traditional colourful fishing boats neatly arranged on the beach.
There are some jetties, built by the management for breakwaters. This activity is part of an accommodation development project located in the area. This project has been an issue related to the surf spot.
The beach often catches the eyes of paragliding lovers. It is also the perfect location for pre-wedding photos, camel safari, and canoeing. The locals also do their best to keep the beach clean, offer a pleasant stay and a great day at the beach. The roads are also in good condition.

You are to pay the entrance fee to get to the beach, but the fee is not too much and benefits the inhabitants of the village. Right next to the Hotel Grand Nikko Bali there is a parking lot from where the public road leads you to the beach. There are a few steps down to the beach, these are a little steep, you should be careful.
The visitors need to be careful during high tides and stay careful while walking the shore.

The best time to surf on Bali is during the dry season which usually runs from April to September. This is when the waves at the western beaches are at their best. During the wet season of November to March the winds switch direction and the best breaks are at the less impressive eastern beaches.