Bali is not only the land of beaches and Sunsets, but it also has a humongous mixture of culture and traditions. Being a Hindu land it has a lot of temples and the way they have been made adores its beauty.
One such holy location is the temple Tanah Lot. This "Land in the Sea" in the Balinese language lies to the north-west of Depansar, the capital in Tabanan.

The history of this mighty temple is very interesting. It is said that Dang Hyang Nirartha explored the south region of Bali and came across this beautiful set of rocks. His instincts made him believe that it is a holy place and a temple should be constructed. This is how the Tanah Lot temple was created. The Sea Gods Dewa Baruna or Bhatara Segara are the deities of this temple. Later in the 1980s, the rock started to crumble and that's when the Japanese Government lend funds to the Indonesian Government to save their heritage. Influenced by Hinduism this temple is of the seven temples that lie on the south-western coast, forming a chain. It is believed that snakes guard the base of this temple from negative energies.

When one cannot visit the main shrine of the Tanah Lot because of high tides and then the onshore Penyawang temple witnesses a lot of tourists. To the north of Tanah Lot is Batu Bolong and they are connected through a bridge of rocks.

Kuningan is a holy day celebrated five days before the temple's anniversary. The festive parade is one of the many things you cannot miss while in Bali. The devotees wear beautiful costumes and take part in these parades for love and devotion for the Sea Gods. The local temples are for the natives for their daily prayers and offerings. There is a charge to visit the temple which is 20,000 Rupiah for the Indonesian nationals whereas for tourists it is 60,000 Rupiah. Since there is water all around you need to take extra care while sightseeing. Witnessing Sunsets is a heaven of its own, adding to its beauty Batu Bolong has beautiful fire dance which acts as an icing on the cake.

The seven chain temples are worth visiting because they have been constructed with planning to lie on the southern coast. Local markets have vendors selling local delicacies, eateries and handmade artifacts. The best time to visit this place is when the cultural fiesta is organized.

This temple adds to the beauty of the sunsets with rocky construction, that is surrounded by peaceful dusks and energetic dawns. It inculcates a positivity in a person and helps him enjoy the artistic land with a hint of culture. The history of this temple is another important reason why one should visit Tanah Lot temple and cherish the art and the ambience. This is of the must-visit tourist destinations in Bali and with a variety of culture and stories that it offers, it has become tourists' favourite spot as well to acknowledge and experience the diversification.

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