Nyang Nyang Beach is a paradise for the beach lovers located in the southern part of Bali near the Uluwatu temple. The beach, although is not one of the popular ones, but is one must visit one because of its compelling sight.
Known for being one of the cleanest and the most beautiful beaches of Bali, this beach is the best spot for the people who love to explore the natural beauty. Though it's a little hard to get there, as on arriving the parking one has to walk a lot. The beach is located down the cliff, so to get here, one has to climb down around 500 steps to reach the beach. But this trek down the beach is nothing less magnificent. The stairway is covered by beautiful greenery on both the sides, just enough to fill your lungs with freshness.
After all the hard work when you finally reach the beach, you see something magical waits for you. The mesmerizing white sand and the clear blue ocean, the view is so serene that for a moment you might feel you are living in a dream! But this is all true. This beautiful beach is a dreamy, picturesque spot like you've seen in romantic movies.
The cherry on the top, this beach is mostly isolated and free of the crowd. You'll only find some local farmers but that too not frequently. So, you can walk around the beach all by yourself. You can also enjoy surfing here as the waves are quite big. The place is also a great camping site, you can enjoy a bonfire with your squad. Watching sunset is also a great option when you visit here. You will also find the shipwreck graffiti which is quite popular amongst the travel bloggers. The local artists frequently change the graffiti which makes it a perfect picture spot.
Although, as the place is mostly deserted, it is advisable to carry proper drinking water, snacks and other important things with you as there are no shops on the beach. Also, wearing comfortable shoes and proper outfit can save you from troubles as the trek is quite long and steep.
You can reach the Nyang Nyang beach from Kuta or Seminyak, it is about 1-hour drive from both the places to Nyang Nyang. From Uluwatu, the beach is only a ten to fifteen minutes' drive. You can also find some beach resort, middle-range hotels, and hostels for backpackers for the stay. If you are interested in discovering instead of just travelling, then Nyang Nyang beach is a place you just cannot miss