The bridge was also noticed in the literary field through the novel, The bridge over the River Kwai by the French novelist Pierre Boulle.
The bridge 277, also known as the "Bridge on the River Kwai" and also by many other names is the bridge that takes the Burma railway track over the River Kwai Yai. The Burma railway also known as the Death Tracks is a 415 Km long railway line between Ban Pong, Thailand, and Thandyuzayat, Burma, built by the empire of Japan in 1943. Consisting of innumerable numbers of bridges and among them, the most fascinating one with a lot of history holding onto it is the bridge 277.
The bridge was built over the stretch of the river Kwai Yai which was back at the beginning known as the Mae Klong River. Over time many bridges were replaced over the River Kwai. At first, a wooden railway bridge was finished, and sooner after that, a more modern Ferro-concrete bridge was built. Later, the newer steel and concrete bridge were made up, consisting of eleven curved-truss. This Steel Bridge is the one that has taken the test of time and still remains to tell the tale.
The history of the construction of the railroad from Thailand to Burma can be fully experienced by visiting the war memorial in Kanchanaburi. The museum commemorates the prisoners of war who had struggled to build the railroad and fully exposes us into the information of the conditions prisoners have been forced to live and work. In the museum, one gets to see the vehicles like cars, freight cars, and boats which were used to transport the prisoners and the huts they used to be placed at and all other things displayed perfectly for one to understand the life of the prisoners during the building of the railroad.
This place has become a very famous tourist destination now. With walkways developed on the side platforms, a more convenient way of crossing the bridge on foot is provided. One can enjoy the scenic view whilst on the bridge and also via the small train that runs up and down the bridge only for the tourists.
Reaching this destination is pretty easy as both trains and buses are available from Bangkok. AC and Non-Ac buses are available throughout the day and it takes around three hours to reach here from Bangkok. Train schedules can be checked from the Thailand Tourism Authority offices. It is also advised to check all the rates and conditions there itself in order to not to get duped.
River Kwai Bridge Festival is organized every year in remembrance of the Allied bombing on November 28, 1944. The main highlight of this festival is the spectacular light and sound show. So next time you are in Bangkok, do check out this interesting place and indulge in some historical experiences.