The coast along the Rantee Beach is lined up by coconut trees. One may come across several bamboo huts and hammocks while walking through the beach, giving it a laid-back vibe. To get to Rantee Beach/Bay, one can rent a long tail boat from the Phi Phi Don jetty. Boats are available from Phuket as well. The beach is a perfect getaway from the craziness and stress of the world. If you are looking for big parties, music, and all those things, this is not the place for you. If, however, you are looking to get away from all the noise and in search of some peace of mind, this is exactly what you need, the perfect place.
One can reach the bay by walking from the main village Ko Phi Phi Don though the concrete steps and then the cobbled footpath to reach the View Point. The panorama views from the ViewPoint mesmerizes us because we can see both Loh Dalum and Tonsai bays back to back with the Tonsai cliffs behind. This is the sensational view of the island Phi Phi.
Accommodations are available at the Rantee Beach that provides a great view as well. Some places even offer bathrooms without a roof so that one can take a shower right under the beautiful sky. The main and popular ones will have to be Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort and the Tohko Beach Resort. These luxurious yet simple bungalows are literally on the beach at walkable distances.
Located on the east coast, Rantee Bay offers the best spectacle of the rising full moon. For the lunar cycle enthusiasts, staying here will be another experience to witness this beauty more vividly.
Rantee Beach may not offer many material luxuries, but it does provide you with the luxury of peace. If peace is what you are looking for, pack your bags, head to Phi Phi, rent a boat and make your way to Rantee! You can also rent snorkelling gear and who knows, maybe even swim with the sharks or if you’re lucky enough, the dolphins!