There are varieties of ferries available and you can choose one according to your comfort and budget just as accommodation. There are large and comfortable ferries with air-conditioning and lounging areas which link the main continent to Phi Phi. They also include stalls which sell snacks outdoors where you enjoy it while indulging in the scenic view. The price comes around 500 baht for a one-way ticket. November 01 to April 30 is a peak time for ferries to Koh Lanta. The ferries are available all around the year and you can enjoy a visit anytime according to your wish.
Now coming to the ferry schedule, the ferries from Phuket to Phi Phi are from:
DEPARTURE - Phuket: 08:30 Phuket: 11:00 Phuket: 13:30 Phuket: 15:00
ARRIVAL - Phi Phi: 10:30 Phi Phi: 12:30 Phi Phi: 15:30 Phi Phi: 16:30
The ferries from Phi Phi to Phuket are from:
DEPARTURE - Phi Phi: 09:00 Phi Phi: 14:00 Phi Phi: 14:30
ARRIVAL - Phuket: 11:00 Phuket: 15:40 Phuket: 16:30
There ferries from Krabi to Phi Phi are from:
DEPARTURE - Krabi: 09:00 Krabi: 10:30 Krabi: 13:30 Krabi: 15:00 Krabi: 16:00
ARRIVAL - Phi Phi: 10:30 Phi Phi: 12:15 Phi Phi: 15:00 Phi Phi: 16:45 Phi Phi: 17:45
The ferries from Phi Phi to Krabi are from:
DEPARTURE - Phi Phi: 09:00 Phi Phi: 10:30 Phi Phi: 13:30 Phi Phi: 15:30
ARRIVAL - Krabi: 10:45 Krabi: 12:00 Krabi: 15:15 Krabi: 17:00
It is to be noted that, as mentioned above the ferries to and from Koh Lanta will be from November 01st and April 30th.
A one hour ride from the Phuket Airport to the Phuket Ferry Pier (Rassada Pier) and 30 minutes from Krabi Airport to Krabi Pier (Klong Jirat) is only required to reach your dream destinations. Before reaching the main pier which is in Tonsai Bay, the morning ferry includes a short sightseeing trip to Phi Phi Ley Island with Maya Bay for about 30 minutes and it like an added bonus. After arriving at the Tonsai Bay, the guests get divided based on their respective destinations. For people going to the Zeavola Beach Resort and Spa, Phi Phi Island Village Beach Resort and Spa and Phi Phi Holiday Inn, etc. will need to continue their journey which is also based on the ferry time you have selected. This part of the journey is done via smaller ferry boats or private longtail boats. This facility will be pre-arranged by your hotel members itself. The one-way ferry crossing from Phuket to Phi Phi will be 650 bahts per head and the shared minibus is free for selected locations in Phuket and if take the private minibus it will come around 1,100 bahts for up to 8 passengers.
Accommodation is not a big deal in Phi Phi as there are a variety of options to choose from based on your budget and comfort level. You name it and you have it here. So plan ahead and create a journey full of memories.