You just need to name it, and you have it as Tonsai Bay has it all. Tonsai Pier which can be called as the “lifeline” that connects the bay to the outside world. The ferry schedule decides the atmosphere there as everything depends on it. This is the main “transport hub” of Phi Phi Island with turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches. It is the busiest commercial area in this place. Small shops are occupied in small alleys which include travel agencies, cafes, souvenir shops and everything making this place lively.
The rush hour there can be compared to some of the busiest railway stations in our city as it is as same as the crowd whiling their time waiting for the boats to arrive. The tourists seem to be amused by the hustle-bustle of the island area while the illegal sellers try to lure them into buying their products. In short, the time in Phi Phi can be counted in ferry boats and nothing else.
The Pier is located at the centre of Tonsai Bay which is at the northern side of Phi Phi Don. It is one of the main areas where ferries arrive from Phuket, Krabi, and Lanta. The place is situated in a scenic area with hilly landscapes that people spend their time taking in all the beauty of the place while waiting for their boats. There is a small entry fee of 20 baht in order to get into the island. This money is collected in order to keep Koh Phi Phi clean. After the 2.30 p.m ferry leaves, the place becomes calmer. The charm of Tonsai Bay can be enjoyed thereafter. The quaint little shops and restaurants along the streets will leave a sense of peace into your hearts. A 20 min stroll will take you the beautiful white sandy Long Beach.
There are several options for accommodation available near Tonsai Beach which range from 100 bahts to 2500 bahts which include tents, bamboo bungalows to nice rooms.